mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes
Talkover Music: Donald Austin * Pea Shooter

 Moon Duo * Mazes

Marianne Dissard * Pomme
Jimmy Hughes * Chains of love
Joy & the hit kids * I'm still a child
Jack "the Bear" Parker * Cheapold Wine & Whiskey
The Deslondes * Tres Grand Serpent
George Jones * If you got the money, I've got the time

Deux * Ministry of love
The Last * This kind of feeling
The Strange Boys * Da Da
We the people * You burn me up and down
The Chambers Brothers * All strung out over you
Bob Wayne * Devils Backbone

The Alan Baker Band * Promised Land
Black Lips * Ain't Comin' Back
Grant Hart * All of my senses
Nick Cave * O children
Sophie Zelmani * Time
Ambassadors * Ain't got the love (of one girl in my mind)

Dillard & Clark * Don't come rollin'
Sadies * Through strange eyes
Tyron Davis * Is it something you've got
Capt. Groovy * Captain Groovy and his bubblegum army
NAS * N.Y. state of mind
Gang Starr * Daily operation (intro)
Jean Shepard * He's my baby

King Salami and the Cumberland Three * Tiger in my tank
The Asteroids * Made of wood
Motörhead * Breakin' the law
Lords of Altamont * Going downtown
Moldy Peaches * Steak for chicken
The Alan Baker Band * You & me

*** end of show

Wiederholung: Samstag, 21.10.2017 von 08-10 Uhr

  • Veranstaltungshinweise:
  • The Alan Baker Band * Record Release Party * Sa. 28.10.17 * Monkton Swifts Social Club, Pembroke, Wales
  • The Alan Baker Band * Record Release Party * Sa. 18.11.17 * Ort wird noch bekannt gegeben, Frankfurt
  • Robert Forster * Lesung & Musik "Grant & ich" * Di. 07.11.17 * Brotfabrik, Frankfurt