mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes
Talkover Music: Smithstonian * Just Sitting

Bobby "Blue" Bland * 36-22-36

There's a new dawn * There's a new dawn
Young Holt Unlimited * Young & Holtful
Die Küche * Baguette à grande vitesse
Dave Dudley * Dj Memphis Joei
The Beat Farmers * Lonesome Hound
Jimmy McCracklin * Beer tavern girl

Lil Bob & The Lolipops * Out of sight
Etta James * Pushover
Deux * Ministry of Love
Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle * Hallo wie geht's
Oma Hans * Ein Feind
Always I * Henry Subwaymurder

The Baythovens * My House
Conway Twitty * Ain't it sad to stand and whatch love die
The Sham-ettes * Big Bad Wolf
Bobby Blue Bland * Honey child
Ronnie Bird * Elle m'attend
Jerry Reed * Texas bound and flyin'

Adriano Celentano * Ciao ragazzi ciao
Les Gam's * Il a le truc
Earl Conelly * This girl
The Hondas * Twelve feet high
Nick Cave * Oh Deanna
Reigning Sound * I'm so thankful 

The Zombies * You make me feel good
The Nite Riders * I've been thinking
The Premonitions * My love ain't a lie
God * My pal
Mucus 2 * I'm not sorry
Big Al Downing * Georgia slap

Klaus Kinski * Ich weiß ja wie man einen Slaven macht (Santo & Johnny * Sleepwalk)
The Peels * Juanita Banana
Khruanbin & Leon Bridges * Texas sun
Noel Odom & the Group * Come on down to earth
Townes van Zandt * Two hands
The Boatwright Brothers * Broken Hip

** end of show