Mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes

The Jazz Butcher * Partytime - R.I.P.

The Jazz Butcher * La mer
The Jazz Butcher * Soul Happy Hour
The Jazz Butcher * She's on drugs
The Jazz Butcher * Grey Flanelette
The Jazz Butcher * Southern Mark Smith (big return)
The Jazz Butcher * Sister Death

The 5 Royales * Catch that Teardrop
The Hondas * Twelve feet high
The Saints * I'm stranded
The Beasts * Mies & gemein
Sonny Mayes * One hundred proof
The Vietnam Veterans * That's love - R.I.P.

The Vietnam Veterans * Gary Cooper's trip
The Vietnam Veterans * Right Track Now
Brian Diamond * See if I care
Dean Parrish * Skate (Parts 1 &2)
Eddie Bo * Dinky Doo
Mono/45 Upm * Romance Adieu

Daniel Johnston * Feels Good
Manny Bowsmund with the chicken shakers * Another woman (waits for me)
Ray Agee * The Monkey on my back
Paul Revere & the raiders * Sharon
Lone Cowboys * You light up my life
Little Richard * Lucille

Oktober Folk Club * Headin South
Nina Simone * Be my husband (live in Antibes)
Curly Lee * They call me a Hobo
Biz Markie * Just a Friend – R.I.P.
Les Classels * Je m'eveille
Willie Bobo * Spanish Grease

Biz Markie * Make the Music where your Mouth is

We 4 * Jane

** end of show

  • Veranstaltungshinweis:
    Oktober Folk Club * Sa. 23.10.21 * Lucille, Frankfurt * DJ's von der Heydt Dynamite & Weller