"Hört mir denn irgend jemand zu?!!!"-Wasteland-Ausgabe
 mit Reiner Bös


01. MERIDIAN BROTHERS- el gran pájaro de los andes
02. MERIDIAN BROTHERS- de mi caballo, como su carne
beide v.A. "Salvadora robot" (Soundway 2014)
03. ERGO PHIZMIZ- the tinker song
04. ERGO PHIZMIZ- hyenas in the hallway
beide v.A. "The peacock" (Care in the Community 2014)

05. ZEA- 1,2,3 i saw the devil cry
06. ZEA- exploding head syndrome
07. ZEA- bathroom gardening
08. ZEA- dark minded me
alle v.A. "The swimming city" (Makkum Records 2014)
09. EEF BARZELAY- all along the watchtower
10. EEF BARZELAY- tired of waiting
11. EEF BARZELAY- my drug buddy
alle v.A. "Fan chosen covers III" (eefbarzelay-clemsnide.bandcamp.com 2014)

12. VERTICAL SCRATCHERS- kingdom come
13. VERTICAL SCRATCHERS- get along like u
beide v.A. "Daughter of everything" (Merge 2014)
14. ALIEN WHALE- astral projections and suicidal thoughts
15. ALIEN WHALE- space boots foots to foots
beide von der 10" "s/t" (Care in the Community 2014)
16. FREDDY THE DYKE- den korte
17. FREDDY THE DYKE- only sixteen
18. FREDDY THE DYKE- sandi yama
alle v.A. "s/t" (Skussmaal Records 2014)

19. DEAD RIDER- new eyes
20. DEAD RIDER- blank screen
beide v.A. "Chills on glass" (Drag City 2014)
21. WATTER- seawater
22. WATTER- this world
beide v.A. "This world" (Temporary Residence 2014)
von der Single "Wherever" (endlessmelancholy.bandcamp.com 2014)