"Postpunk 4- The Americans"

mit Martin und Reiner

01. SONIC YOUTH- the burning spear
v. Minialbum "s/t" (Neutral 1982/SST 1987)
02. SWANS- i crawled
v. EP "Young god" (Homestead 1985)
03. HÜSKER DÜ- pink turns to blue
v.A. "Zen Arcade" (SST 1984)
04. MINUTEMEN- little man with a gun in his hand
v. 12" "Buzz or howl under the influence of heat" (SST 1983)
05. MINUTEMEN- history lesson part II
v.A. "Double nickles on the dime" (SST 1984)

06. SACCHARINE TRUST- effort to waste
v. Minialbum "Paganicons" (SST 1981)
07. MEAT PUPPETS- split myself in two
v.A. "II" (SST 1984)
08. THE GUN CLUB- ghost on the highway
v.A. "Fire of love" (Ruby Records 1981)
09. WIPERS- youth of america
v.A. "Youth of america" (Park Avenue 1981)
10. THE DREAM SYNDICATE- the days of wine and roses
v.A. "The days of wine and roses" (Ruby Records 1982)

11. THE FLESH EATERS- see you in the boneyard
v.A. "A minute to pray a second to die" (Ruby Records 1981)
12. THE LEAVING TRAINS- always between wars
v.A. "Well down blue highway" (Bemisbrain 1984)
13. BIG BLACK- kerosene
v.A. "Atomizer" (Homestead 1985)
14. NAKED RAYGUN- roller queen
v.A. "Throb throb" (Homestead 1984)
15. VOLCANO SUNS- descent into hell
v.A. "The bright orange years" (Homestead 1985)

16. DINOSAUR- repulsion
v. A. "Various artists- the wailing ultimate" (Homestead 1987)
17. VOLCANO SUNS- it´s stewtime
siehe 15.
18. BIG DIPPER- you´re not patsy
v.Minialbum "Boo-Boo" (Homestead 1987)
19. BIG DIPPER- all getting out together
v.A. "Heavens" (Homestead 1987)
20. SALEM 66- carrying a torch
v.A. "A ripping spin" (Homestead 1985)
21. LIVE SKULL- sparky
v.A. "Bringing home the bait" (Homestead 1985)
22. ANTIETAM- in a glass house
siehe 16.
23. SCRATCH ACID- cannibal
v.Compilation "The greatest gift" (Touch and Go 1991)