Neues aus dem Wasteland mit Reiner Bös

01. EX HEX- waterfall
02. EX HEX- new kid
03. EX HEX- war paint
alle v.A. "Rips" (Merge 2014)
04. SHELLAC- dude incredible
05. SHELLAC- riding bikes
beide v.A. "Dude Incredible" (Touch&Go 2014)

06. INCA BABIES- river to the centre of the world
v.A. "The Stereo Plan" (Black Lagoon 2014)
07. DARK MATTER- the face of evil
08. DARK MATTER- the long count
beide v.A. "s/t" (Siltbreeze 2014)
09. HAMISH KILGOUR- turn around
10. HAMISH KILGOUR- hullabaloo
beide v.A. "All of it and nothing" (Ba Da Bing 2014)

11. RIVULETS- summer rain
12. RIVULETS- ride on, molina
13. RIVULETS- your own place to ruin
alle v.A. "I Remember Everything" (Jellyfant 2014)
14. SUN KIL MOON- dogs
15. SUN KIL MOON- micheline
beide v.A. "Benji" (Caldo Verde 2014)

16. STEVE GUNN- way out weather
v.A. "Way Out Weather" (Paradise Of Bachelors 2014)
17. GOAT- goatchild
18. GOAT- gathering of ancient tribes
beide v.A. "Commune" (Sub Pop/Rocket Recordings 2014)
19. TAPE- seagulls
v.A. "Casino" (Häpna 2014)