Neues aus dem Wasteland

"Neues aus dem Wasteland"

Unterlegmusik: ASUNA- Tide Ripples (Home Normal 2016)


01. THALIA ZADEK BAND- not farewell
v.A. "Eve" (Thrill Jockey 2016)
02. E- delicate fingers
03. E- candidate
beide v.A. "s/t" (Thrill Jockey 2016)
04. SLOTHRUST- horseshoe crab
05. SLOTHRUST- mud
beide v.A. "Everything Else" (Dangerbird 2016)

06. THE FLAMING LIPS- galaxy i sink
07. THE FLAMING LIPS- we a famly
08. THE FLAMING LIPS- space oddity (Bonus Track)
alle v.A. "Oczy Mlody" (Bella Union 2017)
09. OLIVIA LOUVEL- my crown
10. OLIVIA LOUVEL- Elisabeth song
beide v.A. "Data Regina" (Cat Werk Imprint 2017)

11. MYRA DAVIES- mobilis in mobili
v.A. "Sirens" (Moabit 2017)
12. WINTER FAMILY- archaic landscape
beide v.A. "South From Here" (Ici D´ailleurs 2017)
14. LES MARQUISES- vallées closes
v.A. "A Night Full Of Collapses" (Ici D´ailleurs 2017)
15. THE NECKS- blue mountain
v.A. "Unfold" (Ideologic Organ 2017)

16. CAN- vitamin c***
v.A. "Ege Bamyasi" (Spoon 1972)
17. ULAAN PASSERINE- sanahin
v.A. "Moth Cathedral" (Worstward Recordings 2016)

***Jacki Liebezeit- R.I.P. , verstorben am 22.01.17