Neuveröffentlichungen mit Reiner Bös u. Sidekick Thomas

Unterlegmusik: THE NECKS - Body (ReR Megacorp 2018)


01. NOVA MOB- levander and grey (Grant Hart-Tribut)
v.A. "The last days of Pompeii" (Re-Issue MVDaudio 2010)
02. THE NECKS- body
siehe weiter oben
03. LOW- quorum
04. LOW- dancing in blood
beide v.A. "Double Negative" (Sub Pop 2018)
05. CAMILA FUCHS- my body
v.A. "Heart pressed between stones" (ATP Recordings 2018)

06. MIDWIFE- forever
von der EP "Praying hands" (Antiquated Future Records 2018)
07. ROY MONTGOMERY- apparition
08. ROY MONTGOMERY- rainbird
beide v.A. "Suffuse" (Grapefruit 2018)
10. ALEXANDER TUCKER- ghost on the ledge
beide v.A. "Don´t look away" (Thrill Jockey 2018)

11. MEROPE- sniegas
12. MEROPE- rototo
beide v.A. "Naktés" (granvat 2018)
13. A LILY- paint me with your blood again
14. A LILY- i heard the well rope sing
beide v.A. "Id-Dar Tal-Missier" (Blank Editions 2018)

15. OHMME- icon
16. OHMME- water
beide v.A. "Parts" (Joyful Noise 2018)
17. ESCAPE-ISM- the lost record
18. ESCAPE-ISM- nothing personal
beide v.A. "The lost record" (Merge 2018)