Neues aus dem Wasteland mit Reiner Bös und Sidekick Thomas

Unterlegmusik: OISEAU-TEMPETE- Tarab (Sub Rosa 2018)


01. CAVE- aharaha
02. CAVE- dusty
beide v.A. "Allways" (Drag City 2018)
03. MUDHONEY- nerve attack
04. MUDHONEY- night and fog
beide v.A. "Digital Garbage" (Sub Pop 2018)
05. KINSKI- fun couple
06. KINSKI- a nap is a slice of the world
beide v.A. "Accustomed To Your Face" (Kill Rock Stars 2018)

07. TROPICAL FUCK STORM- you let my tyres down
08. TROPICAL FUCK STORM- chameleon paint
09. TROPICAL FUCK STORM- the future of history
alle v.A. "A Laughing Death in Meatspace" (TRF Records 2018)
10. LITHICS- excuse generator
11. LITHICS- still forms
12. LITHICS- when will i die
alle v.A. "Mating Surfaces" (Kill Rock Stars 2018)

13. RIVULETS- i was lost before i met you
v.A. "In Our Circle" (Talitres 2018)
14. RYLEY WALKER- busted stuff
15. RYLEY WALKER- diggin´ a ditch
16. RYLEY WALKER- grace is gone
alle v.A. "The Lillywhite Sessions" (Dead Oceans 2018)

17. IAN WILLIAM CRAIG- some absolute means
18. IAN WILLIAM CRAIG- and therefore the moonlight
19. IAN WILLIAM CRAIG- the last westbrook lament
alle v.A. "Thresholder" (130701 2018)
20. BEN CHATWIN- unravel
21. BEN CHATWIN- nordsjoen
beide v.A. "Drone Signals" (Village Green 2018)