Von und mit Stefan Conrad

The Shangri-Las - Sophisticated Boom Boom

20/20 - Yellow Pills

The Fast - The Kids Just Wanna Dance

NRBQ - I Want You Bad

NRBQ - The Same Old Song

Ben Vaughn Quintett - I´m Just Saying

Harry Belafonte - Zombie Jamboree

The Neanderthals - Jungle Zombies

The Cramps - Zombie Dance

Jack Scott - The Way I Walk

Yays & Nays - Easy Woman

Jim Sullivan - Tom Cat

John Stewart - Lonesome Picker

Syd Barrett - Baby Lemonade

The Bonzo Dog Dooh Dah Band - I´m The Urban Spacemen

The Rutles - OUCH!

The Move - Lightning Never Strikes Twice

The In-Crowd - Sha La La La Lee

Kenny Lynch - Up On The Roof

R. Dean Taylor - Back Street

The Ghetto Brothers - You Say That You´re My Friend

Chuck Rio & The Originals - Margaritha

The Rationals - Leaving Here

Rocky & The Riddlers - Flash & Crash

The Blue Stars - Social End Product

Streak - Bang Bang Bullet 

The New York Dolls - Chatterbox

The Idols - You

The Hot Nasties - The Secret Of Immortality

Young Canadians - Hawaii

UJ3RK5 - Eisenhower & The Hippies

The M´n`M´s - I´m Tired

Tina Peels - Knocking Down Guard Rails

Stiv Bators - Not That Way Anymore

The Tours - Language School

The Strangers - Scrambler