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h1: Music & Infos
h2: Cassette Culture

------------------------------------------ h1: MUSIC & INFOS -------------------------------------------

01. MINA rotes plastik (CD "Various Artists - Musik fürs Wohnzimmer", Monika Enterprises Berlin, 2000)
02. MAGIC MOMENTS AT TWILIGHT TIME variations (on a theme by peppa big) (previously unreleased, 2017)
03. MAGIC MOMENTS AT TWILIGHT TIME the electric app cometh (previously unrelased, 2017)
04. SYNAPSENFICK fallout (CDr "Eine Kleine Schlachtmusik", Okt 2016)
05. SYNAPSENFICK nachmittag smogalarm (CDr "Da Wo Licht Ist Sind Auch Fliegen", Okt 2016)
06. MISSILES OF OCTOBER no brain no headache (CD/LP "Better Days", 2016, Pogo Records, Qualitativus Recordicus, Bonobo Stomp)
07. MISSILES OF OCTOBER problems (CD/LP "Better Days", 2016, Pogo Records, Qualitativus Recordicus, Bonobo Stomp)
08. DOC WÖR MIRRAN ipso fatso (CDr "Symphony In A(nnoy)", Attenuation Circuit, 2015) ;
09. INSTITUTE OF NOISE weltall, erde, ich (CDr "Achtung Messarbeiten", Klappstuhl Records, 2016)
10. L.H.D. disillusion progress extended (CDr "Transitions", Klappstuhl Records)
11. [MULTER] köln 04​|​11​|​2006 (2 extracts) (CDr "Köln 04​|​11​|​2006", Klappstuhl Records, 2016)
12. DOGMAN tango (CDr)
13. INSTITUTE OF NOISE waschmaschine wasch (Klappstuhl Records)
14. STEPHEN JANETZKO autolichter (CDr "Die Zeit des Gauklers", Seebär)
15. STEPHEN JANETZKO die zeit des gauklers (CD "Die Zeit des Gauklers", Seebär)

-------------------------------------- h2: CASSETTE CULTURE --------------------------------------

16. INTO THE ABYSS research without conscience (2xMC "Various Artists - Real Underground Vol. 1&2", Progressive Entertainment, 1993)
17. FLU anouchka (2xMC "Real Underground Vol. 1&2"...)
18. DIE WELTTRAUMFORSCHER sommer deiner liebe (2xMC "Real Underground Vol. 1&2"...)
19. TESENDALO musterbeutel (2xMC "Real Underground Vol. 1&2"...)
20. DOC WÖR MIRRAN jeandra sings the schlumpfs (CDr "Mask", Attenuation Circuit, 2012)
21. D.S.I.P. breathless hurdler (reconstructure 2) (2xMC "Real Underground Vol. 1&2"...)
22. HAPPY KADAVER stracona sita pomoz sam siebie (2xMC "Real Underground Vol. 1&2"...)
23. A.M.R.O.L. the neverending show (2xMC "Real Underground Vol. 1&2"...)
24. NO COMMENT red sweat (2xMC "Real Underground Vol. 1&2"...)
25. DOC WÖR MIRRAN for conrad, who's tail tail got big (CDr "Mask", Attenuation Circuit, 2012)
26. CHAPELLE SONIQUE the real me inside me ( )
27. THIS HEAT WITH MARIO BOYER DIEKUUROH walk in space (MC "Untitled", Tago Mago, 1982)
28. ALBERT MARCOEUR deux lions au soleil (MC "Untitled", Tago Mago, 1982)

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