Frantic Fork Issue 08/14

Fhloston Paradigm - Race To The Moon (Hyperdub)
Brendon Moeller - Passage To Obscurity (Atrophic Society)
Ali Love - Deep Into The Night (Crosstown Rebels)
Wild Beasts - Mecca (Juan Atkins Rmx) (Domino)
Orson Wells - Morning Sun (Planète Sauvage)
Massimiliano Pagliara - Gagacid (Live At Robert Johnson)
Zenker Brothers - Kentay (Ilian Tape)
Rolando - Mood Maker (R3 Roland Rocha)
Unknown - Unknown (Serious Trouble)
Velour - Plato's Retreat (Broadwald)
Vaage & Wasserfall - Broken Daze (Woodsmen & Lady Log)
Hrdvsion - Organized Crime (Rinse)
Thomas Hessler - Stratosphere (Index Marcel Fengler)
Sieren - Reveal (Shades)
Jungle - Julia (XL Recordings)
Deemonlover - Full Of Holes (Bliq)


Frantic Fork Issue 03/14

Kangding Ray - History of Obscurity (Raster Noton)
Deadbeat & Paul St. Hilaire - Hold On Strong (BLKRTZ)
Kassem Mosse - B1 Untitled Workshop019 (Workshop)
2DeepSoul - Intrinsic (Yore)
Dona - 3rd Point (Juju & Jordash Remix) (Points Records)
Rhymos - Pampi Michi (Whistleblower Records)
Joy Orbison & Boddika - In Here (Sunklofaw)
Snow Ghosts - Secret Garden (Matthew Herbert Wash Away Mix) (Houndstooth)
Adalberto - House Of Houze (Acidicted)
Hydergine - Isometric (Ranges)
Kobosil - Path (MDR)
Voice from the Lake - Velo Di Maya (The Bunker New York)
The Black Dog - Dropforge Learning (Dust Science Limited)
Sharif Anderson - Future Acid Test (Sistrum)
Rude 66 - Answer Always Come (Bordello A Parigi)
Lakker - Containing A Thousand (R&S)

Studiogast: Jacob Lauer (Brontosaurus Junior Club)

The Citizen's Band - Freefall (Tasteful Nudes)
Alien Rain - Alienated 4A (Alien Rain)
Young Marco - Unknown (Camelfoe)
Planningtorock - Let's Talk About Gender (Human Level)
Lucy - Law And Habits (Milton Bradley Remix) (Stroboscopic Artifacts)
Working Elite - Ten Years After (Terre des Pommes)
Moderat - Last Time (Alternate Version) (Monkeytown)
Rødhåd - Patient Zero (Function Remix) (Dystopian)
Fort Romeau - Pioureth (LARJ)
Presk - Vigor (Ten Thousand Yen)
James Ruskin - Emotion Erode (Blueprint)
Sfire - Sfire (Cocktail d'Amoure)
Aden - Whip (Ultramagic)
Marcel Fengler - Jaz (The Traveller Remix) (Ostgut Ton)
Henry Rodrick - Don't Believe (Studio Barnhus)
System of Survive - Family Ring (Bpitch Control)
Hotel Lauer - QD (LARJ)
Terrence Parker feat. Reno Ka - Finally (Part2) (Planet E)

Studiogast: Mr. Fonk (Smile for a While)

Modern Deep Left Quartet - Silent Samba (Wagon Repair)
Johannes Albert & Monosoul - Eliements (Tieffrequent)
Oliver Achatz - Machine Love (Smile For A While)
Submersible Machines - Isobaths (Lunar Disko Records)
Manni Dee - Objective Form (Shades)
Etto - For What Will Come (Smile For A While)
The Analog Roland Orchestra - Vertigo (Pasta Musik)
Fishermen - The Four Skulls (Skudge White)
Leander Janik - Einfach Isi (Unreleased)
Graze - Skip/Crush (New Kanada)
Frivolous - Dark FM (Less Iz More)
Markus Sommer - If This World Were Mine (Unreleased)
Tallmen785 - What You Need (Disko Mix) (Tanstaafl Planets)
Ellen Allien + Thomas Muller - Delta Zoo (Ellen Allien Edit) (BPitch Control)
Honeo - Fratober (Unreleased)
Robert Hood - Alarm (M-Plant)
Kommune1 - LS6 (Leisure System)
Janis - TT (Unreleased)

Studiogäste: Matthias Vogt & Nico Jablinski [Polytone]
Interviews: Frivolous [Cadenza] & Golden [Berlin]

Vessels - Eliptic (Barker & Baumecker Remix) [Cuckundoo]
Iron Curtis - Spirals [Polytone]
Neville Watson - Wired [Don't Be Afraid]
Too Funk - Groovin' 11 [Ferox]
Golden - Panther [Not On Label]
Golden - Heartbeat [Not On Label]
YNK - The Joint [Polytone]
Tom Simmert & Philipp Triebel - Told You So [The Healing Company]
Akra - Pure [Rebirth]
Cassegrain & Tin Man - Sexkit [Killekill]
Deutschmann & Davenport - The Conspiracy [Polytone]
These Hidden Hands - When Told [Atom TM Remix]
Martin Patino - Solid Ground (Pezzner Remix) [Popcorn]
Frivolous - Bats At Twilight [30porumalinha / Less Iz More]
Matthias Vogt - Copying The Future [Polytone]
Daniel Avery - All I Need [Phantasy Sound]

1. Jonsson & Alter - Lyftet (Kontra Musik)
2. Jeff Mills - When Night Fell (Axis)
3. Oleg Poliakov - C.A.V.O.K. (Circus Company)
4. White Haus - Make No Sense (White Haus Records)
5. Tuff City Kids - HFS (Delsin)
6. L.B. Dub Corp - Take A Ride feat. Benjamin Zephaniah (Ostgut Ton)
7. Exercise One - It Is Happening Again (Ewan Pearson's Kosmische Dub Mix) (Exone)
8. Vessels - Elliptic (Radio Edit) (Cuckundoo Records)
9. Dense & Pika - Colt (Hotflush Recordings)
10. Niagara Niagara - Caracas (Príncipe Discos)
11. Floorplan - Phobia (M-Plant)
12. Nuetics - Rotterdub (Frank Hellmond Rmx) (Tiefenrausch)
13. L.B. Dub Corp - I Have A Dream feat. Benjamin Zephaniah (Ostgut Ton)
14. Four Tet - Kool FM (Text Records)
15. Recondite - Absondence (Ghostly International)
16. Shinedoe - Pure Groove (BPitch Control)
17. Dopplereffekt - Gene Silencing (Leisure System)

Label Feature: R&S Records

Vin Sol feat. Tyree Cooper - It's House (Soo Wavey)
Credit00 - Round n Round (Uncanny Valley)
Palms Trax - Late Jam (Lobster Thermin)
Julio Bashmore - Duccy (Broadwalk)
Andy Vaz - I'm not from Detroit (Chiwax LTD)
Partdeux - Canvas (Smile for a While)
Joey Beltram - Energy Flash (R&S Records)
Close - Wallflower (!K7)
Kobosil - Aggregate (Unterton)
Jay Daniel - No love lost (Sound Signature)
Jay Dee - Plastic Dreams (R&S Records)
Audio Tech - Darkside Vocal Remix (Metroplex)
Terrence Dixon - Pacers (Polytone)
Washerman - Celestial Spheres (Drumpoet Community)
Crushed Soul - Shades (Ostgut-Ton)