DJ Manny & DJ Chap - Way You Move (Teklife)
Grady Tate - Moondance (Janus Records)
James Mason - Sweet Power Your Embrace (Dynamite Cuts)
Poppy Ajudha - Spilling Into You (Feat Kojey Radical)(White)
King Krule - Logos (XL)
Rahhh - Dog Days (Gobstopper)
Diabolical Liberties - Reverse (White)
Charlotte Gainsbourg - Rest (Because)
Point Point - Au Revoir (Record Record)
Modern Manners - Running With Me (Modern Manners)
Gatto Fritto - Invisible Challenge (Gatto Fritto)
Viva Sherry - Holiday (Mottomotto)
Golden Teacher - Spiritron (golden Teacher Records)
Diabolical Liberties - Arabic (White)
Rozzma - Tany Tany (Bandcamp)
Terumasa Hino - Samba De La Cruz (Flying Disc)
Nicole Mitchell w/Poet Haki - Move Into Our Own (Black Earth Music)
Madison Washington - Monkz Point (White)
King Krule - The Ooz (XL)
Randolph Matthews - Paranoid Horizon (Unknown)
Joanne Grauer - Frog Child (Aver Records)
Maxwell Owin & Joe Armon-Jones - Mind’s Eye (Yam)
IAMDDB - Shade (White)
Foxy - Mademoiselle (Dash)
Pure Pleasure - By My Side (Soul7)
Thelonious Monk - In Walked Bud (Columbia)
The Movers - Shanana (Soundway)
Lee Moore - Get Off (Score Records)
Index - Starlight (Record Shack)
Art Farmer - Downwind (Contemporary Records)