GPWW 1218

Michael P. Mossman – Plange Quasi Virgo, Plebs Mea - Popule Meus - Recessit Pastor Noster [Calidoscopi Mostra Tua Jazz]
Danny Keane – Flight 19 [MVKA]
Embryo – A Place To Go [Brain / Metronome]
Sauce and Dogs – Grace and Grit [Sauce and Dogs]
Keith Jarrett – (If The) Misfits (Wear It) [Impulse! / ABC Records]
Anunaku & DJ Plead – Haze [AD 93]
Walt Dickerson Quartet – Alone In The Park [MGM Records]
Lambert, Hendricks & Ross – Come On Home [Columbia]
Annie Ross & Pony Poindexter – All Blues [SABA]
Annie Ross – Annie’s Lament [Prestige]
Lambert, Hendricks & Ross – Twisted [Columbia]
Annie Ross – I’m Gonna Go Fishin’ [Ember Records]
Joe Henderson – Waltz For Zweetie [Milestone]
Annie Ross – Os Grillos [Decca]
Pierre Vassiliu – Qui C’est Celui-Là [Barclay]
Els Himma – Kesköö [Funk Embassy Records]
Lexsoul Dancemachine – Lexico [Funk Embassy Records]
Bernard Drake – I’ve Been Untrue [La Louisianne Records]
Brenda Jones – Big Mistake [Mercury]
Vivian Reed – Look The Other Way [Epic]
Jon Lucien – The Pied Piper [Capitol Records]
Praxis Y Karlo – Pasto Verde [Magneto]
Trilogy – Interstate 70 [K-Town Records]
Ian Wilson – If I Were You [Ian Wilson Music]
Gina Breedlove – Free To Be Me [Qwest Records / Warner Bros. Records]
Middle Name Dance Band – Weekend Love Chant [Middle Name Records]
Admas – Anchi Bale Game [African Heritage Records]
Ana Paula Reis – Espelho Meu [Orfeu]
C.A.R. – Yoga In Karachi [C.A.R.]