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(my taste in music is better than your taste)

Eure Radio Conférenciers Tante Gutzel gegen Él in
The Big McVerschwör/Whataboutism VII

Stam1na - S.O.S. (Salatkaaa Oma Sijaintinee) • Ping
Fantastic Negrito - Platypus Dipster  • Pong
Die Gruppe Oil - The Finest In Masturbation • Ping
King Khan - I Love To Boogie • Pong
Thundermother - Driving In Style • Ping
D/troit - Soul Sound System • Pong
Holiday Sidewinder - Leo • Ping
Tricky - Chills Me to the Bone • Pong
Alex The Astronaut - Happy Song • Ping
Die Tante Gutzel Hardrock App sagt 
»Glenn Danzig, ich bin deine Mudder«
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