• Café del Mash - Intro
  • Mighty Mike - Sacré Billy
  • DRA'man - Paparazzi kills me
  • DJ Pozsi - RED HOT JUNGLE  (Red Hot Chilli Peppere vs. Kiril)
  • DJ Schmolli - Endless Summer Of 69
  • chocomang - Just Like Rain (Blind Melon vs The Cure)
  • LeeDM101 - A Blue Order On A New Monday (New Order vs New Order vs New Order...)
  • DJ Tyme & Nathan Scot - Born This Way In The U.S.A
  • DJ Schmolli - Rock Of Ages
  • Smash - R U Gonna Be My TV?
  • Lenlow - Aretha World Aretha Worrrld
  • DJ Schmolli - Roam You
  • amoraboy - Sweet kung fu o-mine
  • Intro
  • DRA'man - Gossip VS REM - losing my world
    Instrumental: REM - Losing my religion
    Acapella: GOSSIP - Perfect world
  • The Reborn Identity - Trembling Days
    - The Temper Trap - Trembling Hands (vocals)
    - Patrick Wolf - The Days (instrumental)
  • Ryan Nellis - Vehicle Dust (Queen - Another one bites the dust vs. Chet Baker - Vehicle)
  • Mighty Mike - The Police / Bruno Mars - The lonely song
    instrumental : Bruno Mars - The lazy song
    acapella : The Police - So lonely
  • DRA'man - Tom Petty VS The sound defects - Take out a dream
    Instrumental: The Sound Defects - Take out
    Acapella & Guitar: Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Runnin' down a dream
  • Mashed And Confused - Marvin Gaye Vs Billy Idol - "Eyes Going Without A Face"
    Acap: Marvin Gaye "What's Going On"
    Music: Billy Idol "Eyes Without A Face"
    + some funky vintage electronics sounds (various synths & drum machines) + defo some "french touch" mixing
  • DRA'man - Imagine the World
    Instrumental: Morcheeba - Gained the World
    Acapella: John Lennon - Imagine
  • MadMixMustang [MMM] Dirty Roxanne (The Police vs Michael Jackson)
    The Police - Roxanne
    Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana
  • DJ MikeA: Pixies vs. Devo vs. James Blunt - Hey give me some cool love
    Pixies - Hey (acapella)
    Devo - Through Being Cool (acapella)
    James Blunt - Give Me Some Love (instrumental)
  • DJ Zebra - Roxanne should be dancing (Police vs. Bee Gees)
  • DRA'man - Imagine the World
    Instrumental: Morcheeba - Gained the World
    Acapella: John Lennon - Imagine
  • Totom - Every kind of creep (Zebraremix) Radiohead (Creep) vs. Robert Palmer (Every kind of people)
  • Intro Café del Mash
  • Mighty Mike - Bee Gees / Kasabian - Stayin Underdog
    Instrumental : Kasabian - Underdog
    Acapella : Bee Gees - Stayin' alive
  • LoBSTeRDuST: Soft Cell vs. Depeche Mode :: Tainted Jesus
  • DRA'man - David Bowie vs VV Brown - Ziggy's crying
    Instrumental: VV BROWN Crying blood
    Acapella: DAVID BOWIE Ziggy stardust
  • DJ NuLamb - Livin' With Eleanor (The Beatles vs. Bon Jovi) - Livin' With Eleanor
    Bon Jovi - Livin' On A Prayer
    The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby
    incl Police, Billy Joel
  • LeeDM101:Crazy Rabbit (Seal/Radiohead/The Doors/Miles Davis) Seal - Crazy (vocal)
    Radiohead - Rabbit in your headlights (piano loop)
    The Doors - Break on through (drum, bass & keyboard stems)
    Miles Davis - Trumpet solo
  • Fissunix - Fugue To Die in E minor (Mashup Remix)
    Mental : JS Bach - Prelude & Fugue No. 10 In E Minor, BWV 855 + Drum pattern + Bass Synth + Guitar Solo from Jean Pascal Boffo.
    Pella : Lana Del Rey - Born to die + Movies samples from "A Dangerous
    Method" & "Shame"
  • G3RSt - When I Come Around Kansas City (Green Day vs "Jelly Roll" Morton's Red Hot Peppers)
    Green Day - When I Come Around
    "Jelly Roll" Morton's Red Hot Peppers - Kansas City Stomps
  • DRA'man - Whip the girlfriend - Avril Lavigne VS Devo
    Instrumental: AVRIL LAVIGNE Girlfriend
    Acapella & keybords: DEVO Whip it
  • DJ MikeA: Pixies vs. Devo vs. James Blunt - Hey give me some cool love
    Pixies - Hey (acapella)
    Devo - Through Being Cool (acapella)
    James Blunt - Give Me Some Love (instrumental)
  • Amoraboy - Rihanna vs Men At Work - Down umbrella
    Men at Work's singer Greg Ham died April 19th
    instru : Men At Work - Down under
    acapella : Rihanna - Umbrella
  • Mashed And Confused - The Eagles Vs AC/DC Life in the Black lane
    The Eagles "Life In The Fast Lane" vs AC/DC "Back in Black"
  • Bob Marley vs Noah & The Whale (Loo & Placido) Marley & The Whale
    Bob Marley vs Noah & The Whale
    [S]Mashed by Loo & Placido
  • Sendeloch :(
  • DJ Schmolli - Beautiful
  • Phil RetroSpector - Sexual Clockwork
  • mARKYbOYMashups - Avril Ickle Thing She Does Is Magic
  • Shatterglass - Fresh Street
  • LeeDM101 - Chain Assault
  • DJ Y alias JY + MashMike - Los Blinkos 182
  • Norwegian Recycling - Whitney
  • DJ Prince - Jesus Christ What Time is Love
  • Reborn Identiy - This Charming Video Game (Smiths vs. Lana del Rey)
  • DJ Mike A - Everybody's heroes (REM vs. Bowie-Cover)
  • Revolution with Butterfly wings (Smashing Pumpkins vs. Beatles)
  • [MMM] MadMixMustang - Prince vs. Jackson 5 - ABC Street
  • Pytski - Electric Light Orchestra vs Marvin Gaye - I Heard It Through The Showdown
  • DJ Y alias JY - Queen vs. Run DMC - Another One Bites This Way
  • Pytski - Red Hot Chili Peppers vs Amy Winehouse - Tell Me Amy (Pytski Mashup)
  • El Barto & Liam B - The Verve v. Marvin Gaye
  • Pytski - Blur vs Kylie Minogue vs Duffy - Girls & Boys' Hearts for Mercy
  • DJ Schmolli - Dog 2 (Blur vs. Iggy & Stooges)
  • dj lobsterdust - Jenny's Superstitious (Stevie Wonder vs. The Killers)
  • G3RSt - Papa Was A Shock Of The Lightning
  • Phil RetroSpector - Don't Mo (Yazoo vs Four Tops)
  • mARKYbOY - Cloud Tag
  • The Reborn Identity - Gone to Heaven (Carbon Based Lifeforms vs. Jamiroquai vs. Atmosfear vs. Pixies vs. Calvin Harris)
  • DJ Zebra - Get it on my mind
  • Intro Mash up Industries - Café del Mash
  • TigerVegan: Learn to love Today - Foo Fighters vs. Mika
  • TigerVegan: I'm coming butterflies - Muse vs. Diana Ross
  • Michmash: Strange with the trumpets - Doors vs. Irgendwas Mariachi-artiges
  • Amoraboy: Roadhouse Personal Jesus Blues - Depeche Mode - Personal     Jesus, The Doors -Roadhouse blues (harmonica, piano)
  • PjotrQ: We will rock the revolution - Queen vs. T. Rex
  • Mashed and Confused: The Joker one of us - Steve Miller Band vs. Gladys Knight
  • Michmash: Free Riders - Queen vs. Doors
  • Elektrosound: Back to the 80ties - Alles mögliche aus den 80ties
  • Maze: Disco gasolina - Shantel vs. Pitbull
  • No Saturday Night Surgery: My own nowhere man - The Beatles - Nowhere Man vs Lit - My Own Worst Enemy
  • Fissunix: Is there a soul out there - Duffy vs. ABBA
  • Dj Frogg: I Don't Mean a Mash - Louis Armstrong&Duke Ellington vs Missy Elliot vs A.Skillz
  • HFBS & Marc Johnce: I Just Want You To Chase Every Waterfall - Snow Patrol/Coldplay/Police/Cheap Trick

Jeden 4. Montag im Monat von 19 - 20 Uhr

Bücher für junge und ganz junge Menschen

Eine Sendung, die sich mit aktuellen Jugend- und Kinderbüchern beschäftigt, moderiert von Beatrice Wallis, Andrea Baron und Stefanie Schweizer, Technik Frank Liebelt. Vorgestellt werden Bücher, die uns beschäftigen, die wir aus Lust gelesen haben und über die wir reden wollen – quer durch den Bücherwald für Kinder und Jugendliche.


Die Popgruppe

Eine Sendung, die sich mit popkulturellen Fragen beschäftigt. Die Popgruppe besteht aus: Rüdiger Lang (ifkt.org) und Beatrice Wallis (beide von der Stadteil-Initiative Koblenzer-Str./SIKS und treibende Kräfte hinter dem leider nicht mehr existierenden Knobbe), Jens Fröhling (djlenin.de) und Frank Liebelt.


Das Mash-Up-Magazin (Dominik Como/Frank Liebelt)

Ausschneiden und Einfügen sind die Hauptbeschäftigungen von Mash-Up-DJs. Ein Mash-up besteht aus zwei oder mehreren bekannten Songs, die kunstvoll ineinandergemixt werden. Im Mash-Up-Magazin stellen Dominik Como und Frank Liebelt euch das Phänomen vor und garantieren euch ein Wiederhören mit einigen Klassikern in völlig neuem Gewand - nämlich in Kombinationen mit anderen Klassikern. No Doubt mit Blur, Diana Ross mit AC/DC und die Bee Gees mit 50 Cent gehen nicht? Gehen doch - und wie!


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