Mrs. Angela W. - on her own

Vorgestellte Platten:

DRC Music- Kinshasa One Two

New Black- Couper Decaler Electronique

Liars- Wixiw

Scott Matthews- What The Night Delivers

Mike Wexler- Dispossession

Rufus Wainwright- Out Of The Game

The Walkmen- Heaven

Beach House- Bloom

The Tallest Man On Earth- There´s No Leaving Now


A.+A. Wörner- together:

Laurel Halo:  – Years – Thaw

Sun Araw: – Happy Song – Jungle

Trembling Bells + BPB: – Lord Bless All – I Made A Date
– Ferrari In A Demolition Derby – Love Is A Velvet Noose

Shannon Stephens + BPB: – Faces Like Ours – Care Of You

Fiona Apple: – Daredevil – Anything We Want – Hot Knife

Iron & Wine: – One More Try

Phantom Ghost: – Universal Prostitution – Dr. Schaden Freud
– Dreams Of Plush

Petter Carlsen: – Table For One – Spirits In Need – A Simple Reminder

Dirty Projectors: – About To Die – Gun Has No Trigger – Just From Chevron