Es ist heiß.

Okay. Es ist heiß. Zu heiß zum Nachdenken. Oder gar heiße Scheiben durchwühlen und schwere Plattentaschen schleppen.

DJ Vollkasko hat das aber auf seine charmante Art und Weise gelöst, und euch mit Pleiten, Pech und Sendelöchern sowie feinster Musik zwei zauberhafte Sommerabendstunden bereitet.
Alright. It's hot. Too hot for thinking. Or for digging through hot cuts and lugging heavy DJ bags around.

But our man DJ Vollkasko came through in his very own charming way, and brought you two hours of delightful music for a Summer evening, as well as some of the finest handcrafted dead air in the world.


Jeb Loy Nichols      Summer Came (2000)
Big Star                  Watch The Sunrise (1972)
Camel Drivers        Sunday Morning 6 O'clock
+/-                           Summer Dress 1 (All Her Winter Clothes) (2003)
The Isley Brothers  Summer Breeze
Dead Adair             Warten Auf Den Sommer (1995)
Jonathan Coulton   Blue Sunny Day
The Flaming Lips    It's Summertime
Devendra Banhart  There Was Sun (2004)
Roman Rebellion   What Summer Brings
Enoch Light            Brazilian Summer
Tom Glazer            Why Is It Hot In The Summer?
Glowbug                Sunlight (2011)
Netherfriends feat. Jams Dean, Chandler London, and Auggie the 9th     Summertime (2013)
Brite Futures         Dog Eared Summer (2010)
Lester Sterling       Super Special (1968, Cover "Summertime" by George Gershwin)
The Go-Betweens Summer's Melting My Mind
Guided By Voices  Hot Freaks
Vee Dee                City In Heat (2009)
Tropics                  Summertime Blues-Land Of A 1000 Dances (Medley)
Karl Blau               In Heat (1997)
The Jam                Heatwave (Live at Reading University 1979)
Los Admiradores  Caravan (1960)
Holstuonarmusigbigbandclub   Heißer Sand (2007)
Bernd Begemann  Bleib zuhause im Sommer (Live 2001)
Fellow Travellers  This Summer (Live Dub Version 1995)
Tommy McCook   Heat Wave (Moving)
Dorothy Collins    We're Making Heat
Benji Hughes       Vibe So Hot (2008)
Donna Summer   Hot Stuff (1979)
Die Aeronauten    Sommer Der Liebe (2001)
Parade                 Sunshine Girl
Dear Nora w/ Casiotone for the Painfully Alone    Hot Boyz (2008, Cover Missy Elliott)
Netherfriends feat. Auggie the 9th    Summer Sex (2013)
The Afghan Whigs    Summer's Kiss (1996)
The Sandals        Theme From "Endless Summer" (1963)
Martin Denny       E Lei Ka Lei Lei (Beach Party Song) (1967)