Superstar Rotation vom 22.10.2017

- von und mit Familie Wörner (4.Sonntag im Monat)

Moderation: Angela Wörner

Wucan – Wie Die Welt Sich Dreht – Ebb And Flute/The Eternal Groove – The Rat Catcher

Blackberries – Mrs. Lavande – Slow Down – Demons – Look For Reasons – Sad Days

The Fall – Fol Del Rol – New Facts Emerge – Couples vs Jobless Mid 30s

Motorpsycho – The Tower – In Every Dream Home (There´s A Dream Of Something Else) – The Cuckoo

The Surfing Magazines – A Fran Escaped – Sawdust In My Eyes – New Day – You Could Never Come To Me Too Soon – Peeping Dom