in vinyl veritas XIII

DJ Vollkasko spins miscellaneous marvelous vinyl! This time, it's souvenirs from a recent visit to London's markets and record stores. Going backwards in time, covering a wide variety of styles -- let's see how far we'll get!

Sick selections, bad fades, weird mixes, inane banter and daring dead air never sounded so good!

superstar rotation. Because you know you can't get enough.(TM)

No Way Sis         I'd like to teach the World to sing (1996)
Urge Overkill       Positive Bleeding (1993)
Urge Overkill       Nite and Grey (1993)
MC Tunes vs. 808 State     Tunes splits the Atom (1990)
MC Tunes vs. 808 State     Dance yourself to Death (1990)
Dirty White Boy   Lazy Crazy (1990)
Adamski             The Space Jungle (1990)
Adamski             The Second Coming (1990)
Faith No More     New Improved Song (1988)
The Godfathers     It's so hard (1988)
The Soup Dragons     I'm Free (1990)
Prefab Sprout     Hey Manhattan! (1988)
Prefab Sprout     The Venus of the Soup Kitchen (1988)
The Fall              Realm of Dusk (1986)
The Korgis          True Life Confessions (1985)
The Style Council  A Gospel (1984)
The Style Council  Strength Of Your Nature (1984)
Adam Ant            Puss'n Boots (1983)
Adam Ant            Kiss The Drummer (1983)
Kevin Rowland & Dexys Midnight Runners    Let's Get This Straight From the Start (1982)
Kevin Rowland & Dexys Midnight Runners    Old (1982)
Spandau Ballett   Chant #1 (I Don't Need This Pressure On) (1981)
Human League    Don't You Want Me (1981)
Human League    Seconds (1981)