What's so Funny About Peace, Love and Weihnachtsmänner

DJ Vollkasko's erratic essay on novelty Holiday music, comedy Christmas tunes and failed attempts at humour. With guitar solos, and best wishes for a peaceful and love-filled Holiday season!


[Disclaimer: Contains traces of nuts, seasonally inappropriate language, and other allergens.]


American Comedy Network   Christmas Music's Driving Me Nuts
Old Cynica                  Christmas Sweater
Kyle Sanford               Ugly Christmas Sweater
The Clapis Cousins    Sweater Game
HB Radke                   Hipster Christmas
Long John Silver and The Silver Elves    Harvey the Christmas Hippo
Corey Brewer & Clyde Petersen   Wonderful Christmastime
Bandrew                     Obligatory Intro
samflanagan               Frosty DMC
Saturday Night Live    Dysfunctional Family Christmas
Princess Superstar     I Hope I Sell A Lot Of Records At Christmastime
The Black Arts            Christmas Number One
Delightful Young Man   Roasting Chestnuts with Jack Frost
Peroxide Mocha         Kitty Don't Eat That Tinsel
Salsoul Orchestra      There's Someone Who's Knocking
Esquivel                     Jingle Bells (Greetings from Esquivel!)
Eisenhower Field Day    (Let's Have) Christmas on the Moon
Lawrence Welk's Little Band feat. Janet,
Brian, Cubby And The Lennon Sisters      Outer Space Santa
Shonen Knife              Space Christmas
Zachary Robert           Elf
Steve Altman              Purple Reindeer
Bandrew feat. Tough Boy    C'mon, Santa!
Delightful Young Man          Santa's Got a Secret
Cheech & Chong        Santa Claus And His Old Lady
Delightful Young Man    Red Hats
Hot Dad                     The War on Christmas
Devo                          Merry Something To You
Zachary Robert          Elf (No Singing in the North Pole)
Blackwatch Studios   Santy Ain't Got No Time 4 Dat
Jason and the StrapTones     Found The Brains Of Santa Claus
Delightful Young Man   Last American Santa
Einstein Savage        Anti-Santa Is Coming To Town
Jeff Hershey & The Heartbeats Santa Claus Is A Monster
Count Scary              Wish You A Scary Christmas
The Nuclears            Nuclear Winter Wonderland
XXXMas                    It's Hard to Rock n' Roll on Christmas
Nat Brower               Coal
The Toasters             Rudy Christmas A Jail
They Might Be Giants    Christmas In The Big House
MARS Extra Special     Jolly Day
Cassetteboy              XXXXmas
I.N.T.                          Christmas Dinner (Christmas Songs)
Champagne Honeybee    Kimchi For Christmas
Gentlemen on Escalators    Christmas is Great
Esquivel                     Auld Lang Syne (Adios From Esquivel!

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