in vinyl veritas XVI: Swinging Singles, Spielbank Style!

"You know the rules: A stack of singles, two dice, a broadcasting studio. The high die picks the record, counting from the top, and the low die picks odd or even sides. But who am I telling this--you wouldn't be in Spielbank if you didn't know gamblin'!"

DJ Vollkasko rolls casino dice and spins miscellaneous marvelous vinyl! Souvenirs from London's markets and record stores, various fleamarkets, and fresh releases from fabulous concerts -- a big stack, and the lucky numbers alone will choose what gets aired.

superstar rotation. Faites vos jeux.(TM)

The Barry Gray Orchestra Thunderbirds Main Theme 1965   UK
Tom Robinson Band Up Against The Wall 1978   UK
Rockets Galactica 1980   France
Shame Gone Fisting 2017   UK
Philip Lynott Girls 1980   UK
Divine You Think You're A Man 1984   USA
Underground Railroad Kill Me Now (Or You Never Will) 2008   France/UK
New Music Missing Persons/Tell Me Something New 1980   UK
John Du Cann Don't Be A Dummy 1979   UK
Intergalactic Touring Band Space Commando 1977   UK
Precious Wilson If I Loved You Less 1980   UK
Boy Toy When The Night Falls 2017   USA
Bow Wow Wow I Want Candy 1982   UK
Soft Cell Tainted Love 1981   UK
Le Butcherettes Shave The Pride 2015   Mexico
Buggles Adventures in Modern Recording 1982   UK
Tenpole Tudor The Swords of A Thousand Men 1981   UK
Kraftwerk Autobahn 1974   Germany
Adam & The Ants Dog Eat Dog 1980   UK
They Might Be Giants Birdhouse In Your Soul 1990   USA
After The Fire Der Kommisar 1982   UK
Run-D.M.C. Feat. Chuck D and Ice Cube Back From Hell 1991   USA