Go Shorty, it's your birthday!

"Go Breejay, it's your birthday,
Gonna party like it's your birthday."

So Shorty's taken over the show this week! For her birthday, very special superstar rotation co-rotor DJ Breejay Vollkasko presents handpicked musical gems with a story: Songs, that provided the samples for the Beastie Boys' 1989 album Paul's Boutique -- and the album, that was created with these (and many more samples) in its entirety!

For all your Paul's Boutique album needs, please go to this amazing link and ask for Janice, they're in Brooklyn. https://paulsboutique.info

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superstar rotation. BYOB.(TM)

1 Beastie Boys  Fight for Your Right to Party
2 The Sugarhill Gang 8th Wonder
3 The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
4 Public Enemy Bring the Noise
5 James Brown Funky President
6 Curtis Mayfield Superfly
7 Kurtis Blow AJ Scratch
8 Alice Cooper It's Hot Tonight
9 The Sweet The Ballroom Blitz
10 Cameo Shake Your Pants
11 Ocean Put Your Hand in the Hand
12 Ballin' Jack Never Let 'Em Say
13 The Jam Start!
14 Chic Good Times
15 Kool and the Gang Let the Music Take Your Mind
16 The Beastie Boys  To All The Girls
17 The Beastie Boys  Shake Your Rump
18 The Beastie Boys  Johnny Ryall
19 The Beastie Boys  Egg Man
20 The Beastie Boys  High Plains Drifter
21 The Beastie Boys  The Sounds of Science
22 The Beastie Boys  3-Minute Rule
23 The Beastie Boys  Hey Ladies
24 The Beastie Boys  5-Piece Chicken Dinner
25 The Beastie Boys  Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun
26 The Beastie Boys  Car Thief
27 The Beastie Boys  What Comes Arond
28 The Beastie Boys  Shardrach
29 The Beastie Boys  Ask For Janice
30 The Beastie Boys  B-Boy Bouillabaisse Medley