New York, New York, Big City of Dreams

New York, New York, große Stadt der Träume
Nicht alles in New York ist, ist wie es scheint
Du könntest getäuscht werden, wenn Du von ausserhalb kommst
Ich bin von Rechts wegen unten und ich kenne mich hier aus

DJ Vollkasko spins songs from and about the big city of dreams, where everything ain't always what it seems.

superstar rotation. We keep the dream alive.(TM)


1   Beastie Boys The Blue Nun
2   Your Heart Breaks New York
3   Jonathan Coulton That Spells DNA
4   BOYTOY Visits
5   St. Vincent New York
6   Joan As Police Woman Holy City
7   The Fugs Slum Goddess
8   Lou Reed Dirty Blvd.
9   LCD Soundsystem New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down
10   Gil Scott-Heron New York City
11   Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five feat. Melle Mel New York, New York
12   Beastie Boys;Mix Master Mike;Mixmaster Mike An Open Letter To NYC (With Skit)
13   The Ramones Rockaway Beach
14   Beirut East Harlem
15   Neil Diamond Brooklyn Roads
16   Cookies 'n Beans First We Take Manhattan [Cover Leonard Cohen]
17   Kingsmen The Wolf Of Manhattan
18   Slithy Toves Five A.M. in NYC
19   Jack Lewis & The Cutoffs Graffiti Artist Bombs
20   Jeffrey Lewis Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror
21   Peter Stampfel & Jeffrey Lewis He's Been Everywhere [Cover Johnny Cash]
22   Cannibal & The Headhunters The Boy From New York City
23   The Welcome Wagon Would You Come And See Me In New York
24   Pale Lips Don't Take Your Switchblade To New York
25   New York Dolls Who Are The Mystery Girls
26   Divine I'm So Beautiful (Single Remix)
27   The Dictators Baby Let’s Twist (Live)
28   Blossom Dearie Everything I've Got
29   Blondie Here's Looking At You
30   The Van Goghs Goodbye Ms. New York