Mr Fingers - Mystery Of Love (Alleviated Records)
Sonny Stitt - Slick Eddie (Cadet)
Medikul & R Lye - Objects (Homemade)
Blue Lab Beats - Say Yes
Johnny Cash / Robert Glasper - Goin Goin Gone (Legacy)
Jungle Brothers - How Ya Want It We Got It (Native Tongues Remix)(Gee Street)
Bobby Oroza - This Love Pt 1 (Stylart)
Puma Blue - Moon Undah Water (Blue Flowers)
Aaron Taylor - Get Through This (Bandcamp Download)
Pauline Croze - Tu Verras (Sony)
Cicero - Um Arco (White)
Maajo - Defo (White)
WaqWaq Kingdom - Pure Love (White)
The Mauskovic Dance Band - The Opposite (Soundway)
Onward International - Foot In The Door" (Alex & Stephane Attias edit)
The Blackbyrds - Mystery Vibrations (White)
JD Reid - Just Know (Ft Henry Wu, Venna & D Double E) (Baby Gravy)
Cleo Sol - Why Don’t You (White)
Mr Fingers - Full Moon (Alleviated Records)
Cheikh Lô - Boul di Tagale (World Circuit)
Mark Pritchard - Come Let Us Feat. Gregory Whitehead (Warp)
Run Logan Run - Cleansing (Bandcamp Download)
Soccer 96 - Time Flows (Feat Fred Stidson) (Slowfoot)
Model 86 - I Don’t Give a F*ck What You U Say, Which Means I Do (White)
Prophet - Insanity (Stone’s Throw)
Nu Guinea - Parev’ Ajere (NG Italy)
Laura Taglialatela - Take Me Back (Bandcamp Download)
Victor Taiwo - Shovel Moonlight (Innovative Leisure)
Slowthai - North Nights (TOYITOYI / BLACK DOLPHNN)
Sorcerers - In Pursuit of Shai Hulud (ATA)
Grant Green - Don’t Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing (Blue Note)
Ryan Porter - The Psalmist (World Galaxy Records)
Chris Bowden - Pollock Painting (UK Vibe)