Mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes

Loretta Lynn * You're Looking at Country * R.I.P.

Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty * You're the reason our kids are ugly
Loretta Lynn * Don't come home a-drinkin' (with lovin' on ypur mind)
Jerry Lee Lewis * Frankie & Johnny * R.I.P.
Jerry Lee Lewis * Boogie Woogie Country Man
The Chants * Dick Tracy
Ella Mae * Was kostet die Welt?

F.S.K * Sylvester
Rita Pavone * Stasera con te
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone * Nashville Parthenon
The Renegades * Thirteen women
Benny * Du hast Angst vor der Wahrheit
The Flaming Lips & Erykah Badu * The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

The Beasts * Monkey town
The Royal Flares * Time is a tale
The Phantom Keys * Turn black
The Derailers * Cold beer, hot woman and cool country music
Wilshire Express * Lose your money
Loretta Lynn * Coal Miner's Daughter

Stella Sommer * In my darkness
Yo La Tengo * Tom Courtenay (Acoustic Version)
Tiburona * Hijas de las grutas
Billy Hawks * O' Baby (I Believe I'm Losing You)
Ricky Shayne * My Babe
The Go-Betweens * Streets Of Your Town

Bobby Solo * Ich bin verliebt in dich Christina
Slum Village * The Look Of Love
The Mohawks * The Champ
The Kinks * Party line
George Jones * White Lightning
Charlie McCoy * Harper Valley PTA

Billy Bragg * A New England
The Light Crust Doughboys * Let's Make Believe We're Sweethearts

** end of show


The Beasts & The Royal Flares * 19.11.2022 * Komet, Hamburg

Mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes

Georges Delerue * Camille (Soundtrack Le Mépris) * R.I.P.  Jean-Luc Godard

The Sonic Dawn * Summer Voyage
The Dodgems * I Don't Care
Rusty Parts * Never walk away
Mediengruppe Telekommander * Billig
Kommando Beat * Bist nicht gut
The Just Brothers * Sliced Tomatoes

Sam Reed Band * Ambassadors Theme
Jay Electronica * Shiny Suit Theory (feat. The-Dream)
Ambassadors * Ain't Got the Love
Fleur * Une Fête de Folie
The incredible Staggers * Zombies of Love
Human Toys * What part of No

The Revox * Never ending trip
Jimmie Rodgers * Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
George Jones * Just One More
The Everly Brothers * Radio & TV
Michel Legrand * Swing! Swing! Swing! (Anna Karina dance in Jean-Luc Godard's "Vivre Sa Vie")
Ennio Morricone * Allegretto per Signora

Troy Hess * Please Don't Go Topless, Mother
Ray Charles * The train
Bobby "Blue" Bland * Ain't Nothing You Can Do
The Zombies * You make me feel good
Matthijs Vlot * Hello
The Handsome Family * The Bottomless Hole
Holly Golightly * Walk a mile

Ian Kay * Love wasn't built in a year
The Cynics * Summer's gone
Brezel Göring * Opel Kapitän
Ludwig van Beethoven * String Quartett No.9 in C Major, op 59/3 (Jean-Luc Godard's "Une Femme Mariée")
Shadow Show * Is this a dream?
Black Lips * Veni Vidi Vici
Michel Legrand * Single: Vivre sa vie (Jean-Luc Godard's "Vivre sa vie")

 *** end of show


  • The Sonic Dawn at UpClub * 01.10.22 * Cave, Frankfurt
  • Kommando Beat at Soundflat Records Ballroom Birthday Bash * 29.09. - 03.10.22 * Tsunami Club, Köln
  • Fleur at Soundflat Records Ballroom Birthday Bash * 29.09. - 03.10.22 * Tsunami Club, Köln 
  • Staggers at Soundflat Records Ballroom Birthday Bash * 29.09. - 03.10.22 * Tsunami Club, Köln
  • Human Toys at Soundflat Records Ballroom Birthday Bash * 29.09. - 03.10.22 * Tsunami Club, Köln
  • The Revox at Soundflat Records Ballroom Birthday Bash * 29.09. - 03.10.22 * Tsunami Club, Köln
  • Brezel Göring * 15.10.22 * Mousonturm, Frankfurt
  • Holly Golightly at The Wild Weekend * 13.-16.04.22 * Palmanova, Mallorca

Mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes

Silver Jews * I Remember Me

The Yolks * Don't cry anymore
Charles Sheffield * It's your voodoo working
Shirley & Lee * I feel good
The Only Ones * Another girl, another planet
The Wolf Man * Back side
Phyllis Dillon * Make me yours

Sun Ra And His Intergalactic Infinity Arkestra * Love in Outer Space
The Specials * International Jet Set
Ilmar * Freedman Bird II
Brezel Göring * Psychopathia Sexualis
Sammi Smith * Sunday morni'n coming down
Todd Day Wait * Who's to blame

The Recalls * Wait for the sun
Sex Pistols * (I'm not your) Steppin' Stone
The Cynics * No place to hide
Benny Benassi * I Am Not Drunk (J.E.M.C. Remix)
Clarence Carter * I Can't Leave Your Love Alone
Cherubino e I Cherubini * La Crisi

Tyrone Davis * Is It Something You've Got
Ian Kay * Love wasn't built in a year
Hardrock Gunter * Perfect Woman
Bobby Comstock * I want to do it
Celia Cruz * Melao De Cana
Ricardo Ray * Nitty Gritty

Smokestack Lightnin * Funnel of Love
The Flies * Tell her that
Conway the Machine & Jill Scott * Chanel Pearls
Lavern Baker * Love me right
Karlheinz Stockhausen * Gesang der Jünglinge
Artist Unknown * Standing On the Shoulders of Midgets, Pt. 1
Brezel Göring * Psychoanalyse

The Premonitions * Once in a blue moon

 *** end of show



  • Brezel Göring * 15.10.2022 * Mousonturm, Frankfurt
  • The Recalls at Berlin Beat Invasion * 08.-11.09.2022 * Wiener Blut, Quasimodo, Wowsville, Ankerklause, Berlin
  • The Cynics at Berlin Beat Invasion * 08.-11.09.2022 * Wiener Blut, Quasimodo, Wowsville, Ankerklause, Berlin
  • Ian Kay at Berlin Beat Invasion * 08.-11.09.2022 * Wiener Blut, Quasimodo, Wowsville, Ankerklause, Berlin
  • Dreikönigskeller Hoffest * 26.-28.08.2022 * Dreikönigskeller, Frankfurt

Mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes

Jonathan Richman * That Summer Feeling

The Adult Net * Waking up in the sun
Bottom Company * Gonna find a true Love
I Ribelli * Lei M'ama
Merle Haggard * I take a lot of pride in what I am
Dillard & Clark * The Radio Song
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood * Summer wine

Brezel Göring * Psychoanalyse
Lolitas * Touche moi
Fleur * Sans toi
The Wailers * Simmer down
The Hi-Risers * Bugle Ann
Human Toys * Don't you piss me off

Le Hammond Inferno * From Imola to Monaco
M.C. Sugar Ray and Stranger D. * Knock Em' Out Sugar Ray
The Grand Prix * 41 Ford
Marion Black * Who knows
Elia y Elisabeth * Soy una nube
Marty Stewart, Curly Seckler, The Nashville Grass * Take a little time

Bo Diddley * My Babe
Jimmy Lloyd * Where the Rio de Rosa flows
Washboard Sam * Diggin' my potatoes
The Thorns * I want you
The Hara Kee Rees * When I'm gone
Frankie Yankovic * In heaven there is no beer

Adriano Celentano * Veronica Verrai
F.S.K. * Liebe tut weh
The Roots ft. Erykah Badu * You got me
Larry & the Loafers * Let's go to the Beach
The Flaming Sideburns * Emotional son
The Undertones * Here comes the summer

Manahan Street Band * Tired of fighting

 ** end of show

Human Toys * Ende Oktober * Soundflat Records Ballroom Bash, Köln
Brezel Göring * 15.10.22 * Mousonturm, Frankfurt
Fleur * 11.08.22 Mannheim, 12.08.22 Berlin, 13.08.22 Köln

Mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes

Red Astaire * Intro  / R.I.P.
Red Astaire * Marvins Groove

Elia y Elisabeth * Descripción
Brezel Göring * Opel Kapitän
Teddy Mack and the Mackinteers * Hey hey Gypsy woman
Lyn Taitt & the Boys * Storm warning
Tito Ramirez * Culpable
Little Flint * Pain

Freddy Weller * The Roadmaster
Reigning Sound * Pretty girl
Reigning Sound * I'm so thankful
Brezel Göring * Meine Medizin
Dowzer * Bottomless
Rusty Parts * Tonight

Shadow Show * Silhouette
Luther Ingram * It's all the same to you Baby
The Invitations * Watch out little girl
Johnny 'Dizzy' Moore * South China Sea
Clarence "frog man" Henry * Ain't go no home
Osborne Brothers * Cuckoo Bird

Jochen Distelmeyer * Ich sing für dich
The Hanging Stars * Black Light Night
Dany Boy * Kokomo me Baby
The Courettes * Misfits & Freaks
Peter Mulvey * Little Girl, Little Boy
Little Bob * I got loaded

Bobby Trend * Good day
Holly & the Italiens * I wanna go Home
Les Reverberations * Gone away
Elakelaiset * Hummpalenka
Adolphe Sex & ses Machines * P'tite Sotte

The Witch Doctor * Over Night Low

 * end of show


  • Rusty Parts * Berlin Beat Invasion * Quasimodo Berlin 08.-11.09.2022
  • Diverse DJ's Conni, Zabel, Rohmig, Bumblebees,... * Backstage End Party * Backstage Frankfurt * HEUTE (und nur noch bis Sonntag)


Connie Eaton * Don't Hang No Halos On Me

Ray Taylor * My Hamtramick Baby
Rod Stewart * What made Milwaukee famous
Beasts of Bourbon * The Hate inside
Robert Gordon * Heartfull of Soul
Andre Williams * Car with the star
Jay Electronica * Dealing

Gemma Ray * Touch me I'm sick
Lonesome Lee * Lonely Traveling
Suicide * Shadazz
Brezel Göring * Défoncé
Michelle Shocked * Hallo Hopeville
Garnet Mimms * As long i have you

Porcelain Bus * Katie`s Baby
Chris Kenner * All Night Rambler
Curley Moore * Don't pity me
Mount Westmore (feat. Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, E-40 & Too $hort) * Big Subwoofer
Barry White * I found love

A Tribute to Chris Bailey R.I.P.
The Saints * (I'm) stranded
The Saints * Swing for the Crime
The Saints * Know your Product
The Saints * River deep Mountain high
The Saints * Grain of Sand
The Saints * Don't send me Roses
The Saints * In the Mirror
Nick Cave & Bad Seeds feat. Chris Bailey * Bring it on

The Triffids * Wide open Road
Connie Hall * You deserve your invitation to the blue
Stone Roses * Daybreak

Mit Kirstin von der Heydt & Ralf Barthelmes

Sophia * Another Friend
Eintracht Frankfurt Nordwestkurve - Wer nicht hüpft ist Offenbacher

The Goon Sax * Boyfriend
Television Personalities * Three whishes
The Afghan Whigs * Something hot
Pigmeat Markham * Here comes the judge
Larry Williams * She said "YEAH"
Jean Shepard * He's my baby

herrjörgritter * MESZ
Limiñanas / Garnier * Saul
Gram Parsons * Streets of Baltimore
Maria Dallas * You make me feel good
O. C. Smith * Color him Father
The Smoke * My friend Jack

The Beatles * Bad Boy
Visible Choked * Mother Tongue
Ye Ye * Drácula Ye Ye
Hasil Adkins * Bald Headed Woman
Coimbra * O Astronauta
Sam Reed Band * Ambassadors Theme

Digger Barnes * The River
Black Lips * Rumbler
Lulu * Stop fooling around
The fabulous Courettes * Want you like a cigarette
Kraftwerk * Boing Boom Tschak
Banana * Club de los Vampiros

Rick Jones * Theme from the Aeronauts
Jerry Butler * Only the strong survive
The Mystery Machine * Show me the way
Brezel Göring * Sanfter Wahn
Echokrank * Tempo
The Beasts * Highway Headshop

Willie Nelson * Who put all my ex's in Texas
Paul Martin * It's a long time 'til the end
Turner Brothers * Let's go fishing

*** end of show



  • The Courettes * 28.04.2022 * Feinstaub, Frankfurt
  • das Urinal DJ Duo - Punkrock & Scheiße * 09.04.2022 * Backstage Frankfurt
  • The Beasts / Komet Geburtstagsfeier * 09.04.2022 * Komet, Hamburg
  • Brezel Göring * 02.07.2022 * Mousonturm, Frankfurt