Matty - Self Portrait (Matty Unlimited)
Oscar Jerome - Lizard Street (White)
Al Sunny - Planets (Favorite France)
Jesse Gannon - Whatever (Yoruba Soul)
Osunlade - Serotonin (Yoruba Soul)
Moses Boyd - Stranger Than Fiction (Exodus Records)
Tommy Smith - Easter Island (ESC Records)
Chassol - Les Anneaux De Saturne (White)
Nardeyday - Dreamin (White)
IROK - Her Witchery (Wolf Tone)
Elite Beat - By The Light Of The Pyramids (Research Records)
The Midnight Hour - Harmony (Bandcamp DL)
Theatre West - Children of Tomorrow's Dreams (Black Fire)
Penguin Cafe - Chapter (Erased Tapes)
Giancarlo Gazzani - Seduzione Coniugale (Sonor Music Editions)
Alberto Bembo - Trop's (Aris)
Alberto Bembo - Perde Come (Sonor Music Editions)
The Italian Heist - Plutonium Heist (Super Disco Edits)
Willia ‘Little Beaver’ Hale - Party Down (Cat)
Garden Of Eden - Everybody's On A Trip (French)
Maze - Southern Girl (Capitol)
Master Force - Don't fFight The Feeling (Rain Forest )
King Sporty - Get On Down (Konduko)
Jo Bisso - The Mystery With Me (Glowing Palms Edit) (Stamp The Wax)
Waajeed - Let You Love (Deviation)