Superstar Rotation mit Josef Bercek am Mikrofon
Sonntag 14.10.2018

The Lord of Alaska!

01. Ben Lamar Gay - Miss Nealie Burns
02. Ben Lamar Gay - A Seasoning Called Primavera
03. Shannon Shaw - Goodbye Summer
04. Shannon & the Clams - I Never Wanted Love
05. Wolf Müller & Niklas Wandt - Lockerina
06. Shannon Shaw - Lord Of Alaska
07. Moontribe - Osmium
08. Tsvia Abarbanel - Mi Nishkani
09. Sleaford Mods - Stick In A Five And Go
10. Sleaford Mods - Dregs
11. Tony Burkill - Third of All Numbers
12. David Byrne - Dog´s mind
13. Yoshinori Hayashi - 9828
14. People Like Us & Wobbly & Matmos - I Must Die
15. JTOTHEC - Git You Sucka
16. Les Limiñanas - Le premier Jour
17. Tony Allen & Jeff Mills - Locked And Loaded
18. Anthony Joseph - Incense Taxi
19. Fire! - Washing your heart in filth
20. Herb Johnson - War
21. Kink Gong - Jing Jiu
22. Andrea Benini - Marranzanu
23. Beak - Rsi
24. The Fall - The Chiselers
25. Web Web - Sandia
26. The Comet Is Coming - Cosmic Serpent
27. The Comet Is Coming - Final Days of the Apocalypse
28. Antoine Dougbé - Nounignon Ma Kpon Midji

in vinyl veritas XIV: Souvenir, souvenir!

DJ Vollkasko spins miscellaneous marvelous vinyl! This time, it's souvenirs from the recent coast-to-coast trip to the United States. Music bought in various places visited, records by local artists, but also a heapload of exotica and curio!

superstar rotation. Boldly going places, one record at a time.(TM)



1   Yma Sumac Ccori Canastitay 1952
2   Yma Sumac No Es Vida 1952
3   Leon Russell Manhattan Island Serenade 1972
4   Leon Russell Roller Derby 1972
5   Stiv Bators It's Cold Outside [Cover The Choir] 1979
6   Stiv Bators The Last Year 1979
7   Time Zone feat. John Lydon & Afrika Bambaataa World Destruction 1984
8   Jeffrey Lewis Modern Age [Cover The Strokes] 2002
9   Jeffrey Lewis Back When I was 4 2002
10   Caroline Rose Money 2018
11   Esther Phillips I Love Paris 1970
12   Claudine Longet Good Day Sunshine [Cover The Beatles] 1967
13   Negative Scanner 6 Ft. Hole 2018
14   Negative Scanner A Vision 2018
15   Negative Scanner Health Insurance 2018
16   The Sueves Never Been To The Beach 2018
17   The Sueves Green White 2018
18   The Sueves What They 2018
19   Ella Jenkins Hear That Train  
20   Ella Jenkins Chicka Hank  
21   Vollmar New Best Friend 2009
22   Vollmar Something Else Invisible 2009
23   Vollmar Loose Soil 2009
24   Vollmar When Love Love Lover Outro 2009
25   Phoenix and Special Guest Bill Murray Alone on Christmas Day [Cover Beach Boys/Mike Love] 2015
26   The No-Talents A.M.O.U.R. 1999
27   The No-Talents Sex Shop 1999
28   The No-Talents What's In Your Bag? 1999
29   The Kingsmen Long Green 1965
30   The Kingsmen Tall Cool One 1965
31   The Kingsmen Comin' Home Baby 1965
32   Korla Pandit The Breeze and I 1959


Superstar Rotation mit Josef Bercek am Mikrofon
Sonntag 16.09.2018

Am Ende waren es doch wieder Rhythm & Sound, The Necks und die zahlreichen Remixe von Stücken der Band Can, die dafür gesorgt haben, dass es ein unvergesslicher Abend wurde. Hailu Mergia, Johnny Cash und Shamek Farrah konnten sich nicht mit Schorsch Kamerun einigen und nannten ihn andauernd den Descendant of Mike and Phoebe. In Wahrheit ging es aber die ganze Zeit nur um Lily Chao und Chiemi Eri und deren Beziehung zu Mol Kamach und Baksey Cham Krong. Panchasila und Kink Gong wurden dabei nicht müde zu behaupten, dass sie keine Mitglieder der Banteay Ampil Band seien. Zweifel sind zumindest angebracht. Like a bridge over troubled water.

01. Can - Vitamin C (Nektar Agu Edit)
02. Lily Chao - Whose Blooming Rose
03. Hailu Mergia - Gum Gum
04. The Descendants Of Mike And Phoebe - Attica
05. Nat Birchall Meets Al Breadwinner Ft. Vin Gordon - Wisdom Dub
06. Kink Gong - Tibetan Buddhism Trip Part 1 (Extract)
07. Chiemi Eri - Okosa-Bushi
08. Mol Kamach & Baksey Cham Krong - Je Te Quitterai
09. The Necks - Body (Extract)
10. Johnny Cash - Bridge over troubled water
11. Rhythm & Sound - Let we go (Villalobos Remix)
12. Shamek Farrah - First Impressions
13. Schorsch Kamerun - Die Menschen aus Kiel
14. Panchasila - Patpong
15. Banteay Ampil Band - Please Take Care Of My Mother
16. The Necks - Drive By (Extract)

in vinyl veritas XIII

DJ Vollkasko spins miscellaneous marvelous vinyl! This time, it's souvenirs from a recent visit to London's markets and record stores. Going backwards in time, covering a wide variety of styles -- let's see how far we'll get!

Sick selections, bad fades, weird mixes, inane banter and daring dead air never sounded so good!

superstar rotation. Because you know you can't get enough.(TM)

No Way Sis         I'd like to teach the World to sing (1996)
Urge Overkill       Positive Bleeding (1993)
Urge Overkill       Nite and Grey (1993)
MC Tunes vs. 808 State     Tunes splits the Atom (1990)
MC Tunes vs. 808 State     Dance yourself to Death (1990)
Dirty White Boy   Lazy Crazy (1990)
Adamski             The Space Jungle (1990)
Adamski             The Second Coming (1990)
Faith No More     New Improved Song (1988)
The Godfathers     It's so hard (1988)
The Soup Dragons     I'm Free (1990)
Prefab Sprout     Hey Manhattan! (1988)
Prefab Sprout     The Venus of the Soup Kitchen (1988)
The Fall              Realm of Dusk (1986)
The Korgis          True Life Confessions (1985)
The Style Council  A Gospel (1984)
The Style Council  Strength Of Your Nature (1984)
Adam Ant            Puss'n Boots (1983)
Adam Ant            Kiss The Drummer (1983)
Kevin Rowland & Dexys Midnight Runners    Let's Get This Straight From the Start (1982)
Kevin Rowland & Dexys Midnight Runners    Old (1982)
Spandau Ballett   Chant #1 (I Don't Need This Pressure On) (1981)
Human League    Don't You Want Me (1981)
Human League    Seconds (1981)

Superstar Rotation mit Josef Bercek am Mikrofon
Sonntag 12.08.2018

Das Label "On The Corner Records" hat jetzt schon die Platte des Jahres veröffentlicht. Viel zu früh! Jetzt ist schon die ganze Spannung raus aus dem musikalischen Jahr 2018. Was soll man nun mit der restlichen Zeit anfangen? Naja, jedenfalls werden in dieser Sendung vier Stücke von dieser Platte gespielt und dazu noch Weiteres von diesem Label, das nicht in der Lage ist zu warten. Schade!

01. The Specials - Too Hot
02. Sons Of Kemet - My Queen Is Mamie Phipps Clarke
03. Khalab - Father and Grandpa (ft. Gabin Dabire)
04. Khalab - Black Noise (ft. Tenesha The Wordsmith)
05. Khalab - Dense (ft. Shabaka Hutchings & Tommaso Cappellato)
06. The Fall - Loop41 'Houston
07. Collocutor - Disappearance
08. Dengue Dengue Dengue - Flootz
09. Emanative & Earl Zinger & RocketNumberNine - Over
10. Emanative - Sandhyavandanam
11. Boss Hog - I Dig You
12. Khalab - Shouts (ft. Prince Buju)
13. DJ Khalab - Aeh
14. Tenesha The Wordsmith - Dangerous Women (feat DJ Khalab)
15. Penya - Why So Angry (feat Daisho)
16. Tenesha The Wordsmith - Madea
17. Al Dobson Jr. Vs Collocutor - Agama (Indica Remix)
18. The Last Poets - How Many Bullets
19. Eugene Chadbourne - The Thing
20. Karkhana - Nafas Kahrouba'i
21. Makadem & Behr - Nyako
22. Mugwisa International Xylophone Group - Mazongoto Woods (Alejandro Mosso Rework)
23. Magnus PI - Search It Out
24. Khalab - Bafia (ft Tamar Collocutor)

Der 4. Sonntag im Monat:

Playlists von April-Juli 2018


22.04.18 Angela Wörner


Kreisky: - Veteranen der vertanen Chance – Ein Depp des 20. Jahrhunderts – Ich löse mich auf – Ein braves Pferd

Die Nerven: - Frei – Neue Wellen – Niemals – Alles falsch – Der Einzige

Kettcar: - Wagenburg – Sommer ´89 – Den Revolver entsichern

Erdmöbel: - Hoffnungsmaschine – Ich bleibe jung – Erschlagt die Armen – Rasenmäher

Tom Liwa: Meistens – Witz – Leute – Feuer

Ezra Furman: - My zero – Walk on darkness – Been so strange – Slacker/Adria

Okkervil River: - Judey on the street – Days spent floating – The industry


27.05.18 Angela Wörner


A Perfect Circle: - The contrarian – The doomed – Talk talk – By and down the river – So long and thanks for all the fish

Okkervile River: - The dream – Love somebody – Don´t move back to LA – External actor

Bon Iver: - Over soon – God – Circle

Ezra Furman: - Lousy Connection – Hour of deepest need – Ordinary life – Pot holes – One day I will sin no more

Beck: - I´m so free – No distraction – dreams

MGMT: - Little dark age – When you die – TSLAMP (= Time spend looking at my phone)

Wolfgang Müller: - Blaue Stunde – Herzen – Flieger – In meinen Träumen


24.06.18 Angela Wörner


Anna von Hausswolff: - The mysterious vanishing of electra

St. Vincent: - Los Ageless – New York – Dancing with a ghost

Courtney Barnett: - Need a little time – Nameless, faceless – I´m not your mother, I´m not your bitch

Wye Oak: - The instrument – The louder I call the faster I run – Lifer

Ice Age: - Under the sun – The day the music dies – Plead the fith – Thieves like us

Ash: - I don´t need your love – Did your love burn out – It´s a trap – Is it true?

The Wave Pictures: - Jim – The little window – The burnt match

Eels: - The deconstruction – Bone dry – Today is the day – You are the sunshining light

Ought: - Into the sea – Disgraced in America – The 3 things – Alice


22.07.18 Andreas Wörner


Jonathan Wilson: - Trafalgar Square – Over the midnight – There´s a light –Rare birds

Roadie: - It ain´t easy – When I can see – Lady in red – Hope is all I´m holding

Ryley Walker: - 22 days – Opposite middle – Telluride speed

Scott Matthew: - The deserter – Do you really want to hurt me – Cease and desist

Courtney Marie Andrews: - Lift the lonely from my heart – Kindness of strangers – I´ve hurt worse – Long road back to you

Glen Hansard: - Why woman – Wheels on fire – Wreckless heart – Time will be the healer

Mark Kozelek with Ben Boye and Jim White: - House Cat


in vinyl veritas X!!

A time-tested classic: DJ Vollkasko spins miscellaneous marvelous vinyl. On top of the usual random mix of fleamarket finds and brandnew buys there'll be a blind tasting of offerings by Altered Images, The Beautiful South's and Fatboy Slim's original band, Suzi Quatro, Tenpole Tudor, a Vince Clarke/Feargal Sharkey collaboration, XTC, and many more!

Sick selections, bad fades, weird mixes, inane banter and daring dead air never sounded so good!

superstar rotation. Because you know you want a taste of it.(TM)



The Samson- & Merrill-Soul-Band   Soul Finger/Woman like that yeah/Chain of Fools
Suzi Quatro                                        The Wild One
                                                             Shake My Sugar
Kenny                                                  The Sound of Super K
                                                             Baby, I Love You, OK!
Boom Town Rats                               It's all the rage
Tenpole Tudor                                   Three Bells In A Row
The Assembly                                    Never Never (feat. Feargal Sharkey)
(Vince Clarke, Eric Radcliff)             Stop/Start
Altered Images                                  Bring Me Closer
                                                             Surprise Me
Talk Talk                                             Again, a game… Again
XTC                                                     All You Pretty Girls
                                                            Red Brick Dream
The Housemartins                           Sheep
(Norman Cook,                                  I'll Be Your Shelter
aka Fat Boy Slim)                             Anxious
                                                            Drop Down Dead
                                                            People Get Ready (Cover Curtis Mayfield)
George Kranz                                    Din Daa Daa (Trommeltanz), US Mix
                                                            Din Daa Daa (Trommeltanz), Dub Mix
Okay                                                   Okay!
Boy Division                                      Damaged Goods
                                                            (We don't need this) Fascist Groove Thing
                                                            London Calling
Boy Toy                                              Want