in vinyl veritas XVIII

DJ Vollkasko spins all sorts of records, recent and not-so-recent acquisitions, best-of-you-never-heard-before, maybe some you-wish-you'd-never-heard-'em, and other! Probably mostly other!

As always lovingly garnished with signature bad fades, weird mixes, inane banter and daring dead air, live from 100% analogue Studio 2 at Funkhaus am Kurfürstenpark!

superstar rotation. We analogue you.(TM)

1   Aretha Franklin Good Times
2   Aretha Franklin A Change Is Gonna Come
3   Aretha Franklin Save Me
4   Mavis Staples The Choking Kind
5   Mavis Staples You're Driving Me (Into the Arms Of A Stranger)
6   Jorge Ben Cavaleiro de Cavalo Imacolado
7   Jorge Ben Africa Brasil Zumbi
8   Experience Unlimited Free Yourself
9   Experience Unlimited Funky Consciousness
10   The Silvertones Rejoicing Skank
11   The Silvertones Are you sure?
12   The Silvertones That's where it hurts
13   The Natvral Know me more
14   The Natvral The Violet Hour
15   TV on the Radio Wolf Like Me
16   TV on the Radio Let The Devil In
17   TV on the Radio Dirtywhirl
18   Beach House Holy Danees
19   Beach House All The Years
20   Beach House Heart of Chambers
21   Beach House Some Things Last a long Time
22   The Shins Name For You
23   The Shins Cherry Heart
24   The Shins Mildenhall
25   Daniel Johnston Hey Joe
26   Daniel Johnston Fake Records of Rock and Roll
27   Daniel Johnston Queenie The Doggie
28   Daniel Johnston High Horse
29   Neoangin Street Art Is Dead
30   Neoangin Die Petersburger Hängung

Superstar Rotation mit Josef Bercek am Mikrofon
Sonntag 12.01.2020 - 19.00 bis 21.00 Uhr

Die besten Platten des Jahres 2019 - Der musikalische Jahresrückblick.
Ancient Future Music.

Der Song am Anfang: Junius Paul - Baker's Dozen
Platz 25. Klangwart - Porro A (von der Platte "Bogota")
Platz 24. Mavis Staples - We Get By (von der Platte "We Get By")
23. People Like Us - Bing Bong ("The Mirror")
22. Saul Williams - Experiment ("Encrypted & Vulnerable")
21. Brahja - In the Mess ("Brahja")
20. Lee Scratch Perry - Makumba Rock ("Rainford")
19. The Caretaker - All eyes bewildered ("Everywhere An Empty Bliss")
18. Moor Mother - Black Flight ("Analog Fluids Of Sonic Black Holes")
17. The Düsseldorf Düsterboys - Teneriffa ("Nenn Mich Musik")
16. Carl Stone - Han Yan ("Himalaya")
15. Sleaford Mods - Kebab Spider ("Eton Alive")
14. Sarathy Korwar - Pravasis ("More Arriving")
13. Die Goldenen Zitronen - Gebt doch endlich zu euch fällt sonst nichts mehr ein ("More Than A Feeling")
12. Anadol - Bir Garip Kan İçme Töreni ("Uzun Havalar")
11. Tenesha The Wordsmith - Why White Folks Can't Call Me Nigga ("Peacocks And Other Savage Beasts")
10. Live Low - Montemor ("Various - Antologia De Música Atípica Portuguesa Vol.2: Regiões")
09. The Art Ensemble Of Chicago - Saturday Morning ("We Are On The Edge")
08. Matana Roberts - In The Fold ("Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis")
07. Romperayo - Ay Que Pulguita ("Que Jue?")
06. Nazamba - People ("Nazamba")
05. Jaimie Branch - Love Song ("Fly Or Die II: Bird Dogs Of Paradise")
04. Joshua Abrams Natural Information Society - Shadow Conductor ("Mandatory Reality")
03. Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble - The Colors That You Bring ("Where Future Unfolds")
02. Angel Bat Dawid - What Shall I Tell My Children Who Are Black ("The Oracle")
01. Ethnic Heritage Ensemble - Black Is Back ("Be Known - Ancient Future Music")


Space Trees -- Weihnachtsmann strikes back!

A long time ago from a radiostation far far away, DJ Breejay and DJ Vollkasko bring you the most far-out holiday radio show within the next twenty lightyears!

Filling hyperspace with cheer, reindeer and angel hair for your ears, our two fearless explorers will boldly take you where no mistletoe has gone before!

superstar rotation. Merry nano-nano to you!(TM)

1   Star Wars Christmas In The Stars
2   Esquivel Jingle Bells (Greetings From Esquivel!)
3   Shonen Knife Space Christmas
4   Dick Kent Is Santa The Man In The Moon?
5   Buchanan & Goodman Santa And The Satellite
6   Hillary And The Democrats I Want An Alien For Christmas
7   Cast of "Mork and Mindy," featuring Robin Williams Mork's First Christmas
8   Troy Hess Christmas on the Moon
9   Bobby Helms Captain Santa Claus
10   Reese Shipley Can Santa Miss Those Missles
11   NORAD Combat Operations Center
12   Hal Bradley Orchestra w/Patty Marie Jay Space Age Santa Claus
13   The BellRays Rocket Ship Santa
14   Eisenhower Field Day (Let's Have) Christmas on the Moon
15   Gulag Picture Radio WXRT - Xmas On The Moon
16   The Non Traditionals Christmas on the moon
17   Eric Alexandrakis Christmas on the Moon
18   Ben and Hannah Randall I'm Dreaming of a New Death Star
19   Spiral-Shaped Mind Santa Conquers The Martians!
20   Senor Tonto Hooray for Santy Claus!
21   Lawrence Welk's Little Band Featuring Janet, Brian, Cubby And The Lennon Sisters Outer Space Santa
22   Star Wars What Can You Get A Wookie For Christmas (When He Already Owns A Comb)
23   Daniel Johnston A Recorded Message
24   Nicholas Burgess Santa Planet
25   Hank West & The Smokin' Hots Christmas in Space
26   Computer Perfection Purple Snowflakes
27   ATOM Rudolph-Berry Molecular Pattern 4
28   Scumm Invernal Tridimensional
29   The Go Go's I'm Gonna Spend My Christmas With A Dalek
30   Jonathan Coulton Chiron Beta Prime
31   Ben and Hannah Randall The Emperor is Coming to Town
32   The Not Fur Longs Christmas On Eternia
33   Jacob Greenmount Christmas on Mars
34   Barry Gordon Zoomah the Santa Claus from Mars
35   NORAD Dew Line Radar Site
36   dj BC Turbo Sleigh Ride
37   Tiny Tim and Bruce Haack Zoot, Zoot, Zoot Here Comes Santa In His New Space Suit
38   NORAD Northern NORAD Region
39   Star Wars Merry, Merry Christmas
40   Esquivel Auld Lang Syne (Adios From Esquivel!)
41   Moog Cookbook Santa Claus is Coming to Town


Superstar Rotation mit Josef Bercek am Mikrofon
Sonntag 08.12.2019 - 19.00 bis 21.00 Uhr

Let´s melt the North Pole!

01. Mose Allison - Seventh Son
02. Kojey Radical & Shabaka Hutchings - No Gangster
03. Negativland - Yesterday Hates Today
04. Brahja - In the Mess
03. Matana Roberts - Her Mighty Waters Run
04. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - At The Back of the Pit
05. Nazamba & O.B.F - The Groove
06. Nazamba & O.B.F - People
07. People Like Us - Bing Bong
08. Ebony Steel Band - The Model
09. June Tyson - Never Never Land
10. Föllakzoid - II
11. Minoru Muraoka - Take Five
12. Van Morrison - If We Wait For Mountains
13. Negativland - Melt the North Pole
14. Swans - What is This
15. People Like Us - Till the End of Time
16. Spiritczualic Enhancement Center - Japanese (Bonus Track 1)
17. Wolfmanhattan Project - Now Now Now
18. Jaimie Branch - Love Song
19. Neil Young with Crazy Horse - Think Of Me
20. Suicide - Super Subway Comedian
21. Robert Wyatt & Eve Risser - Rangers In The Night
22. Upperground Orchestra - Barene

Good Night, Whatever You Are! Bogeyman und andere Schrecken der Nacht

Angst und Schrecken beherrschen den Äther, wenn die Sonne hinter den Bankentürmen versinkt und das Grauen erwacht. Ein nächtliches Horror-Monster jagt den nächsten Alptraum-Terror. Unheimliches und Übernatürliches geben sich die Klinke in die Hand, bis sich das Blut nicht mehr entscheiden kann, ob es kochen, in den Adern gefrieren oder in Strömen fließen soll.

Grusel galore in der Horror-superstar rotation zu Halloween, wenn euch DJ Vollkasko und Supersonderspecialgueststar Svenghouly – bekannt als Plattenaufleger und von der Frankfurter 60s Garage Rhythm ‘n‘ Punk-Band Blackout Beauties – in der grauenvollsten Sendung der Stadt gemeinsam um den Schlaf bringen.

superstar rotation. Don't Die.(TM)

1   Jollimus Boogeyman
2   Frankie Stein & His Ghouls Doom at Midnight (Frug)
3   Teddy & Darell Beast of Sunset Strip
4   Solcofn Release yo' nightmare [Method Man vs DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince, Solcofn Mix]
5   Hildegard von Binge Drinking Night Terror
6   Jeffrey Lewis Anxiety Attack
7   Roky Erickson Burn The Flames
8   Their Singing Bodies Diagnosis Neurosis
9   The Vampires of Dartmoore Die Folterkammer des Dr. Sex
10   John Zacherle Dinner with Drac
11   John Zacherle & Southern Culture on the Skids Sinister Purpose
12   Uzzi & Bill Grah's Olympia Band Geisterstunden Cha Cha
13   Bureaucratica Southern Gothic
14   Opal Happy Nightmare, Baby!
15   The Id Boil the Kettle
16   Orchestra Bruno Martino Dracula Cha Cha
17   Teddy & Darell Gary Ghoul Boy
18   Teddy & Darell I'm Glad They Took You Away
19   Los Crazy Birds They're Coming to Take Me Away (Spanish Version)
20   The Transplant With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm
21   The Fall There's a Ghost in My House [Cover R. Dean Taylor]
22   El Creepo To Become a Werewolf
23   Daringers The Morgus Creep
24   Scotty McGregor & His Spooks I'm a Monster
25   The Zanies The Mad Scientist
26   Randy Luck I was a Teen-Age Cave Man
27   Eddie L. Davis Teenage Brain Surgeon
28   The Jay Hawks The Creature
29   Lord Luther I was a Teenage Creature
30   John Zacherle Hänsel & Gretel
31   Johnny Legend The Night of The Sadist
32   The Cramps Surfin' Dead
33   Bela La Goldstein Old Boris
34   The Damned Dead Beat Dance
35   Bill Cardille Chilly Billy's Vamp
36   Frankie Stein & His Ghouls Doomsday

Noch mehr Horror/

Superstar Rotation mit Josef Bercek am Mikrofon
Sonntag 13.10.2019 - 19.00 bis 21.00 Uhr

Sit around and miss you!

01. The Barrence Whitfield Soul Savage Arkestra - Nuclear War
02. Oh Sees - The Daily Heavy
03. Jaimie Branch - Nuevo Roquero Estéreo
04. Guitar Wolf - Love & Jett
03. Pierre Bastien & Tomaga - Machines with Ideas
04. Jaimie Branch - Prayer For Amerikkka Pt. 1 & 2
05. Moor Mother - Black Flight
06. Moor Mother - After Images
07. Kronos Quartet & Terry Riley - Hero Danger
08. The Black Keys - Sit Around And Miss You
09. Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba - Wele ni (feat. Abdoulaye Diabate)
10. Girl Band - Going Norway
11. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Galleon Ship
12. Daniel Johnston - Life in Vain
13. Louis Moholo Octet - You Ain't Gonna Know Me 'Cos You Think You Know Me
14. Bon Iver - We
15. Zonal - Wrecked
16. Zonal - System Error (ft. Moor Mother)
17. Kokoko! - Likolo
18. Oh Sees - Henchlock

Superstar Rotation

4 x Playlist, 4. Sonntag,

Angela u. Andreas Wörner

Mai / Juni / Juli / September 2019:


Die Höchste Eisenbahn

- Aufregend und neu - Enttäuscht - Derjenige - 37,5 °

Der Bürgermeister der Nacht

- Wir überfluten euch - Viel Spaß in der Zukunft - Gläser, Kultur und Psychosen - Die Motten

Niels Frevert

- Putzlicht - Immer noch die Musik - Als könnte man die Sterne berühren - Brückengeländer


- So sieht es aus, wenn das Herz bricht - Eins und eins ist unendlich - Wie es war - Wer jetzt kein Wort findet


- Du und ich - Uns gehört die Vergangenheit - In all unseren Leben

Chris Imler

- Appelliere - Who stops clapping first will be shot - Küchenmesser - Richtige Stille kann niemand ertragen

Olli Schulz

- Ganz große Freiheit - Wachsen im Speisesaal des Lebens - Skatspielen mit den Jungs - Schmeckt wie...


Bruce Springsteen

- Hitch Hikin` - Western Stars - Sundown

Faye Webster

- Room temperature - Right side of my neck - Kingston

Better Oblivion Community Center

- Sleep walking - My city - Forest lawn

Josh Ritter

- Old black magic - The torch commitee - All some kind of dream

Strand Of Oaks

- Weird ways - Visions - Ruby

Bill Callahan

- Angela - Writing - Morning is my godmother - What comes after certainty

John Southworth

- The luddite - The obscurantism - Halfway up the mountain

Andrew Bird

- Bloodless - Sysiphus - Fallorun - Manifest


- There from here


Arc Iris

- SIGNMS - Chattermachines

Alice Phoebe Lou

- Nostalgia - Galaxies - Something holy - Ocean

Weyes Blood

- A lot´s gonna change - Andromeda - Every day - Something to believe

Aldous Harding

- Fixture picture - Zoo eyes - Treasure

Hand Habits

- Placeholder - Calm down - What´s the use - What lovers do

Masha Qurella

- Day after day - Long road

Georgia Anne Muldrow

- Overload - Blam - Play it up



- Bildersturmdrang - Freigeister - Das alte Lied

Levin Goes Lightly

- Nichts ändern - Zu nah - Nackt - Pflaster

The Good, The Bad & The Queen

- Merrie Land - Nineteen Seventeen - The great fire - Drifters & Trawlers

Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres

- Who´s been having you over - Narcissitic teen - Makes first XI - The steam - A fool there was

Viagra Boys

- Down the basement - Just like you - Bejing Taxi - Up all night


- Sou for sale - Freezing in the sun - Nature - Prey for us - Nurture

Cherry Glazer

- Daddi - Wasted nun - Juicy socks