mit Thomas S. und Reiner Bös

BILL MACKAY &RYLEY WALKER- SpiderBeetleBee (Album, Drag City 2017) und KIM MYHR- You_Me (Album, Hubro 2017)

01. HÜSKER DÜ- never talking to you again (Grant Hart-Tribut)
v.A. "Zen Arcade" (SST 1984)
02. JASON MOLINA- solitude
03. JASON MOLINA- snowblind
beide von der Single "The Black Sabbath Covers" (Secretly Canadian 2017)
04. PETER OREN- burden of proof
05. PETER OREN- falling water
beide v.A. "Anthropocene" (Western Vinyl 2017)

06. ANDREW WEATHERS ENSEMBLE- i am left buried where i´ve been
v.A. "Build a mountain where our bodies fall" (
07. LEAN YEAR- come and see
08. LEAN YEAR- earner
09. LEAN YEAR- the louder voice
alle v.A. "s/t" (Western Vinyl 2017)
10. BILL MACKAY & RYLEY WALKER- the grand old trout
11. BILL MACKAY & RYLEY WALKER- lonesome traveller
beide v.A. "SpiderBeetleBee" (Drag City 2017)

12. GUNN-TRUSCINSKI DUO- seagull for Chuck Berry
13. GUNN-TRUSCINSKI DUO-flood and fire
beide v.A. "Bay Head" (3Lobed 2017)
14. ALVARIUS B- big mystery
15. ALVARIUS B- Mark Twain august
beide v.A. "With A Beaker...Vol.2 A Mark Twain August" (Abduction 2017
16. MOTORPSYCHO- in every dream home++++von Thomas ausgewählt
v.A. "The Tower" (Rune Grammofon 2017)

17. DEAD RIDER- title redacted
18. DEAD RIDER- bad humours
beide v.A. "Crew licks" (Drag City 2017)
19. PERE UBU- monkey bizness
20. PERE UBU- funk 49
beide v.A. "20 years in a Montan missile silo" (Cherry Red Records 2017)
21. SNOW PALMS- rite
22. SNOW PALMS- circling
beide v.A. "Origin and Echo" (Village Green 2017)
23. NILS OAKLAND- lysning
v.A. "Lysning" (Hubro 2017)

Nächste Sendung am 12.01.18 - Wasteland-Die Lieblingsplatten 2017 mit Gästen