Von und mit Stefan Conrad

The Shangri-Las – Sophisticated Boom Boom

The Boys – First Time

The Sonics – High Time

The Grodes – Cry A Little Longer

The Four Commandments – You Don´t Know Me

The Hollies – Tomorrow When It Comes

The Dream – The Doting King

Rousers – R&R Or Run

Redondo Beat – The Spell I´m Under

The Gentrys – I Never Thought You Had It In You

Tony & Sharon – Two Can Make It Together

Cpt. Darby & The Bucaneers – Who Do They Warch

Girl Trouble – Storm Warning

Ausmuteants – Tinnitus

The Wanderers – Ready To Snap

Eddy Current Suppression Ring – Which Way To Go

Art Of Tin Toys – Walfänger

Angeschissen – Wissen Wohin

Clinic – If You Could Read Your Mind

Boys Next Door – Nightwatchman

Mickey Newbury – Weeping Annaleiah

Jerry Lee Lewis – Just Dropped In

Larry Williams – Strange

Jon Lucien – Satan

PJ Harvey – The Sound That Maketh Murder

The Chills – (Frantic) Drift

The Rockingbirds – Halfway To Comatose

The Not Quite – Satan´s Elves

Kleenex – Ain´t You

Midnite Snaxxx – You Kill Me

The Rondelles – The Upshot

The Masonics – When You Cry At Night

New Math – Die Trying

Monochrome Set - Alphaville

Haide Hanson – Du Bist Das Leben

The Lee Kings – I´m On My Way

Heinz Schenk – Es Ist Alles Nur Geliehen